Noida Authority starts initiative for Pet registration
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Noida Authority starts initiative for Pet registration

Pet owners can register their pets for only rupees 500 per year.

Noida Authority starts initiative for Pet registration

The Noida Authority has started an initiative for the registration of pets in the group housing highrise societies. Noida Authority intends to help out pet owners with the registration of pets with the help of AOAs and RWAs of Noida. Pet owners can register their pets for an annual fee of INR 500.

This is an effort by the Noida Authority to tighten the leash on the pets with some help from their owners. The move has come after a number of cases of dog bites were reported in the area in the recent past.

AOAs and RWAs have been requested to make a list of pet owners in their respective societies to make the process smooth. The Noida Authority representatives would visit a cluster of societies /sector / or society, on a pre-scheduled date and organise a camp to facilitate registration of pets. The documents needed during the registration are ID proof, one photograph of the owner, Address proof and a Pet vaccination book.

Husana Praveen, Coordinator, Noida Authority says, “We circulate the messages in societies. Most probably, they will call us within three or four days. The motive of the authority is to collect the data of pets, and about their vaccinations and breeds. Pet owners do not have to come to the authority office. We will organise a camp in respective societies as per the date given by the AOAs and RWAs president.”

Many residents have praised the initiative and feel that it will bring benefits to the community.

Rakhi Sinha, Social Media Advisor, Arun Vihar RWA says, “This initiative is a wonderful one. A list of the city's pets too was long due. The mandatory enrollment with a yearly licence fee, brings pets and their owners under a legal ambit, thereby ensuring peaceful coexistence of all. So, any activity related to a pet, including their birth, death, transfer, sale, or any public activity like littering in public, everything is now accountable.”

“To ramp up the registration, the authority will now be holding pet registration camps in association with AOAs. Now, these bodies will be responsible to make a list of all pets in their areas and give it to Authority for registration. This is surely going to structure the process well and catalyse the much-needed registration.” Sinha adds.

Arun Sharma AOA president of Capetown society says, “This is a good initiative by the Noida Authority. There are a lot of residents who have dangerous species of dogs which can be dangerous for other residents. If in case any pet will harm any citizen, then with the help of records we will just look at the vaccination data. We will circulate this notice in our society.”

However, there are also some who are unsure of its implementation and scope.

Brajesh Sharma, a resident of Antriksh Golf view Noida says, “In my point of view, it is not practical. There are thousands of societies in Noida and it is not easy for the Authority to organise camps in every society and RWA. I don’t think any pet owner will give 500 rupees for the registration and if they give it, they're still responsible if their pets litter or show violence.”

“Last year, the Noida Authority had started an initiative of feeding stations for stray dogs. However, no work has been done so far. The Public Health Department released a form regarding a dog feeding station, which was proposed to be installed outside of the society. I don’t know why the work on this was not done. I am not sure of the future of this too. ” Sharma adds.

Akhilesh Pandey, a senior journalist says, “ A similar initiative was taken by the Faridabad Authority in 2007-08. I remember that time I covered that area and residents opposed had this initiative. A funny point was that the Authority had mentioned that they will provide a strap for the pet after registration with the name of the owner.”