These Noida women entrepreneurs triumphed Covid 19
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These Noida women entrepreneurs triumphed Covid 19

Meet the wonder women from Noida

These Noida women entrepreneurs triumphed Covid 19

The second wave of Covid was a harsh time for the entire country. Many people lost their lives, and many lost their livelihood. Many are still emerging from the pain.

They say not all heroes wear capes. It is true for these women who started their own ventures in order to support their families. Today, they are making their own living. Presenting you some really very talented 'home entrepreneurs' who followed their heart and are now doing well in their respective ventures.

Covid proved very fatal for Parimita banerjee. She lost the love of her life and the father to a 6-year-old daughter. "Life took a very sudden and tough turn for me but I was sure that I will not give up," says Parmita Banerjee who lost her husband on 3rd May 2021. "We neither received any oxygen nor any bed. I saw my husband dying in front of me. Destiny was unkind to us, now after losing my husband I don't want anyone's help now. Political parties approached us with help but we refused it. We even refused Governmental schemes". She even wrote a letter to the government that we need no help, even refusing to take rupees 50,000 as aid. Her prime concern is that her daughter's education should not stop for any reason. 

Parimita Bannerjee

After her husband's death, Parmita, with the help of friends and her 72-year-old mother in law started her sari business from her home. It has proved to be a success. Now she aims to open a sari shop in Gaur city soon. "Every Bengali has a soft corner for sari. I really feel the struggle of weavers of India. I have seen how weavers make sari and the effort they put into it. That is why handloom saris are costlier than power loom saris." she says.

Chavi Chaturvedi, 42, owner of Sai kitchen, in Noida extension Supertech Ecovillage 3, belongs to Mathura, but lives in Noida for the past 2 years, shares her experience. "When we shifted to Noida, we were bound to stay inside because of Covid.  I was very upset to see people suffering inside the societies without proper food. That's when an idea to serve the community popped up into my head. We made simple and pure food packets following all covid appropriate protocols and served them"

Chavi Chaturvedi

Her cooking skills have been much appreciated. She is well versed in turning out a multi cuisine menu. She can also does a finger licking good "no onion no garlic" version of all her preparations. She is also an applicant of master chef 2019 and she came in top 24 in Asai Ksai championship, Big Bazaar's Super Queen contest, NIHM Bakers university contest.

Anjali Barua, 40, owner and baker at Anaya Bakers, is also a part of covid crisis. She was doing good in her life. She was working well in DAV sector 56 noida as an admin staff but had to quit as her husband contracted Covid 19. And as the talent was inborn she kept making cakes inside the house. After recovering from covid her husband suggested she start making and selling the cakes. The idea worked.

Anjali Barua

Now she is not only making yummy cakes but also owns a shop in SKA green arch. On how she learnt making cakes she says, "My maternal grandfather was a chef in Finland Embassy. So from childhood we relished super tasty cakes and my mom learnt from him and so did I. This talent is inborn and I am lucky to pursue my hobby and profession simultaneously."

These ladies of Supertech eco village 3 who took charge to protect their Families and do their bit for the community too are truly an inspiration for each one of us. They personify women empowerment and are the true wonder women.