Momo Mania: Places in Noida to eat Momos
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Momo Mania: Places in Noida to eat Momos

what's better than a restaurant that satiates your taste without emptying your wallet

Momo Mania: Places in Noida to eat Momos

There's nothing like that one plate of momos you've been craving all day long after a long tiresome day! Momos are the cure for everything: from mid-Zoom call food cravings to Netflix binge-watching munchies! Plus, they're so economical, which is why they're one of the most widely consumed snacks in the country today.

Noida, along with many other options in food, offers a great variety of India's favourite snack- Momo. Here are our top picks for the best momo eateries in Noida! Continue reading for a delectable culinary journey,
and then, go out and treat yourself!

Momos Box

Credits: Facebook

Momos Box is a people's choice inclusion on the list. With rave reviews all over their social media, we can't help but recommend their mouthwatering range of Tandoori, Gravy, and Steamed momo varieties.
People come from all over the city to sample their offerings, even though they are only a tiny stall in the market. They're well-known for their tomato and chilli momo chutney, which, if you're a true momo fan,
will know how important is.

Where | Momos Box - D-113, Block D, Sector 51

Hunger Strike

Credits: So Delhi

In all of Noida, no one does Chilli Tandoori Momos like Hunger Strike, and if you've been craving one, this is the place to go. The prices are as reasonable as the food, and what's better than a restaurant that
fills your belly without emptying your wallet? So what are you waiting for? Prepare to be wowed, and then thank us later!

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Where | Hunger Strike - Shop No 3, Godawari Complex, Sector 37

Darjeeling Momos

Credits: Restaurant Guru

We know your mouth is watering already, and we don't want it to stop, so next on our list is this bustling momo joint in the heart of the city- Darjeeling Momos. Familiar among locals as Aunty's Momos, these are
known for their specialised taste all over Noida.

Their Paneer and Gravy Chicken Momos are the best of the bunch, and when paired with their four proprietary chutneys, they're delectable. We're ordering our share right away, with their wide range of dishes available for both deliveries and takeaways - how about you?
Where | Darjeeling Momos - Venders zone, Near Haldiram, N Block, Sector 18

Chanda Food

Credits: Instagram

Chanda Food is the answer to all your momo cravings, with their impeccable service and quality. Take our word for it: this is probably the best investment you can make in the city. For a good reason, their
Kurkure Momos, Gravy Momos, and Tandoori Momos are must-tries and crowd favourites, so make sure to order them when you arrive!
Where | Chanda Food - 140, Jaipuria Plaza, Sector 26

WOW! Momo

Credits: Wow Momo

WOW! Momo has dozens of locations throughout Delhi, and we keep returning because their offerings are simply outstanding. Their Chocolate Momos and Momo Burgers are genuinely unique, and they're presented in such a way that they'll look just as good on your Instagram feeds as they taste in your mouths. Get to your nearest WOW! Momo shop as soon as possible!
Where | WOW! Momo - Sectors 62, 135, 38, 18 & Other Outlets