This Pride Month, go colorful with makeup
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This Pride Month, go colorful with makeup

If you have time and patience, then rainbow liner is the way to go.

This Pride Month, go colorful with makeup

The most colourful month of the year, June is being celebrated in all its glory across the world. The famous Pride march, which started in the US, is now conducted in almost every country as a celebration and a form of protest. When it comes to colours, fashion, makeup and self-expression, this month has no limitations. Using up all the colours in your makeup palette, you can experiment and create many makeup looks. Let us help you with that-

Under-eye rainbow with gem embellishments

Who says you have to put your eye makeup only on your upper eyelid? Use your colourful eyeshadow palette to achieve the flawlessly blended rainbow under eyes for this year's Pride month. Enhance the look with some embellishments to make it stand out even more.

Rainbow Liner

If you have time and patience, then rainbow liner is the way to go. This liner is quite hectic to make, but we tell you it's worth the try. Drop a few drops of makeup setting spray in your colours and overlap each line. Voila, your rainbow eyeliner is all set.

Rainbow Lashes

Rainbow lashes are lovely on their own or you can pair them up with other looks on this list. You don't have to have all the rainbow colours, just three to four colours will also do.


Don't shy away from being creative when it comes to face paint. You can make little stars or a full-fledged small rainbow. Also, don't worry, there are enough face paints available in the market which will not harm your face in any way.

Glitter graphic eye

Using a fine-tip eyeliner brush dipped in glittery liquid shadows, draw the graphic shape you want across your eyelid. Using a tiny brush soaked in micellar water to clean up the edges.

Butterfly eyes

Although glitter is having its moment this year, these butterfly-inspired eyes takes the cake for Pride makeup. Though creating this look will require a steady hand, we are confident you can do it.

Dramatic makeup with sparkle

Grab a blue and purple eyeshadow palette and white eyeliner to create these whimsical, psychedelic designs. Fill your eyelids with pop colours of your canvas, and then sparkle some glitter over it. If you want to go all out, finish the look with a lengthening mascara and some falsies.