GreNo West: Residents across the city serve Chabeel
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GreNo West: Residents across the city serve Chabeel

At the 6th Avenue, Gaur City’s Mahila Kirtan Mandli served Chabeel

GreNo West: Residents across the city serve Chabeel

GreNo West: On the occasion of Nirjala Ekadashi on June 11, 2022, residents of several residential societies were seen serving chilled Chabeel, a milk-based drink to everyone on the roads of Greater Noida West. From 10 am to 1 pm, in scorching heat, the serving came as a respite for everyone on the roads.

Chabeel is a Punjabi word which refers to a cold, non-alcoholic sweet drink, served to the general public during the hot days of summer. It doesn't only provide relief from summers but also spreads the message of eternal optimism.

At the 6th Avenue, Gaur City’s Mahila Kirtan Mandli served Chabeel. They have been doing so since 2017, but in the last couple of years, they couldn't serve Chabeel because of Corona. However, they have resumed the practice this year.

Anita Prajapati, a resident of 6th Avenue says, “We keep a fast on Nirjala Ekadashi and there is a lot of heat and scorching sun in the Hindi month of Jyeshtha, so it is considered very auspicious to distribute water on Nirjala Ekadashi. Innumerable people relished Chabeel on the occasion.”

Saroj Sharma, a resident of 6th Avenue says, “In this work, the security and maintenance, housekeeping department of the society also helped us in the arrangement, as well as other residents also helped us. Among those who served in the noble cause were Anita, Saroj Sharma, Sudha Mitta, Surendra Singh and Rajeev Tondon among others."

The Divine Yoga Group, GreNo West also did their bit on the occasion and served Chabeel on the gate of Samridhhi Grand Avenue society. Shipra Gupta, a resident of the society and a member of Divine Yoga Group says, “In this summer, water is the only relief from the heat. We quenched the thirst of innumerable residents and passers-by with 100 litres of Chabeel today.”

Supertech Oxford Square, GreNo West also distributed Chabeel on their society gate. Radhika Khurana informs CitySpidey, “We ordered approx 12,100 glasses and at least 15 to 20 bottles of Rooh Afza. Everything was utilised. Many residents from our society as well as passers-by and riders on the roads approached and helped us in serving Chabeel."

In the scorching sun, on the main gate of the Spring Meadows Society, the residents distributed the Chabeel supported by the Spring warriors and residents of the Spring Meadows Cricket Club. They distributed about 800 litres of Chabeel and served around 2800 people.

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In Sector 22, Challengers Group did a noble deed and served the elderly, women, and children along with other people. Prince Sharma, founder of Challengers NGO says, "Humanity comes above everything and this is the kindest gesture anyone can do, especially in this season." They served Chabeel in paper glasses instead of plastic ones to make the cause environment friendly.