Books that normalise queer and teaches acceptance to kids!
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Books that normalise queer and teaches acceptance to kids!

Not only kids but everyone can use these books’ messages of unconditional love and acceptance

Books that normalise queer and teaches acceptance to kids!

The children must be introduced to all the genders right from childhood. LGBTQIA+ parents and children had a hard time finding their family’s faces and feelings in the pages of children’s and young adult books. But ever since ‘Heather Has Two Mommies’ appeared on shelves in 1989, more books started emerging from the youngest tots to questioning teens, filling the gap and helping families grow in understanding. Not only kids but everyone can use these books’ messages of unconditional love and acceptance.

Here are some books that normalises queer and teaches acceptance to kids:

Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag

This masterpiece is written by Rob Sanders and illustrated by Steven Salerno. More than a history, ‘Pride’ vibrantly illuminates the reach and timelessness of the rainbow flag, a global symbol of equality and inclusion.Young readers can now learn the momentous and inspiring story of the Gay Pride Flag, created in 1978 by social activist Harvey Milk and designer Gilbert Baker. 

Love Makes a Family 

This book, written by Sophie Beer, shows that it doesn’t matter what your family looks like, the only thing that makes a family a family is love! 

The book is filled with colorful illustrations showcasing diverse families doing special activities together, from baking a cake to finding a lost shoe. Your little one will love looking through the pages to see their own family reflected, and of course feel that families are not made from hetrosexual beings but just the love shared between humans.

Families Belong

This book is written by Dan Saks and illustrated by Brooke Smart. It’s a tale about the unconditional love within a family. The beautiful rhyming text and illustrations of families singing together, reading together, and going on a picnic together, feels like a warm hug. This one will be a comforting favourite for both children and parents.

My Two Moms and Me

This book is written by Michael Joosten and illustrated by Izak Zenou. This sweet board book features a diverse array of families with lesbian mothers going about their life, including playdates, daily routines, pool-dates, and bedtime reading.

Published in 2019 with artwork by an acclaimed fashion illustrator, it’s a welcome follow-up to ‘Heather Has Two Mommies’. Don’t miss ‘My Two Dads’ and ‘Me’ by the same creators!

Daddy, Papa and Me

This book is written by Leslea Newman and illustrated by Carol Thompson. Rhythmic text and charming illustrations make these board books a must-have for all families. 

Like the above author-illustrator duo, Leslea Newman and Carol Thompson add their unique touch to the rainbow-family compendium with ‘Daddy, Papa, and Me’ and ‘Mommy, Mama, and Me’.

 Julián Is a Mermaid

This is written by Jessica Love. It's a gorgeous Stonewall Award-winning picture.The book stars Julián, a child coming to understand their gender nonconformity after a joyful encounter with three women dressed as shimmering mermaids. 

Julián fantasises about dressing up like a mermaid and wonders what his Abuela will make of it in this celebration of self-love and individuality.

I Am Jazz

Written by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings and illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas, it is an essential read for children and families of all experiences. ‘I Am Jazz’ has an empowering message of celebrating what makes us unique and respecting everyone’s differences.

With clarity and insight, Jazz Jennings shares her story of realising at a very young age that, though she was being raised as a boy, she was truly a girl.

These books aren’t just for families with a direct connection to LGBTQIA+ issues; everyone can use these books’ messages of unconditional love and acceptance.

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