Ghaziabad: In conversation with the RWA President of GH-7, Crossings Republik
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Ghaziabad: In conversation with the RWA President of GH-7, Crossings Republik

He is aiming to fulfil all the requirements of the resident

Ghaziabad: In conversation with the  RWA President of GH-7, Crossings Republik

In the highrise towers of GH-7, Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, live around 10,000 residents in some 2,000 flats. Being home to so many people, it is a challenge to maintain it, and predictably,  the society is not free of civic issues. In a conversation with CitySpidey, Ram Singh, RWA President of the society discussed several issues in the society that need attention from the authorities and the builder. He was elected as the RWA President on May 10, 2022, and tells us that he strives to make the lives of the residents easier. 

What are the biggest challenges in your residential area?

There are many problems in our residential area that need to be addressed, such as the seepage problem, the lack of an appropriate arrangement for a rainwater harvesting system, the improper renovation of the buildings, and the requirement for increased security throughout the society, particularly in the lifts. I will look into all these issues. Along with this, there is also a significant problem that the fire extinguishers in our society are unusable and they need to be replaced. Also, we also need to fix all the lifts as there are chances of malfunction. 

In addition to this, the fitness centre, the swimming pool, the senior citizen welfare area, the parks, and the inner circle require maintenance which we'll provide.  

What are the problems that demand the attention of higher authorities?

There are a few issues that are not in my control, such as the lift repair bill, which the builder should handle after we issued him a request letter, but he isn't doing anything about it. Additionally, it has been two years since the front area of the society was whitewashed, but the rest of it still needs to be whitewashed. 

In our society, there are more than 70 stray dogs, so we went to the authorities with a request to sterilize them. In addition, we depend on groundwater and the level of groundwater is going down. To address this problem, we will write a letter to the Nagar Nigam and the government officials concerned.

What have you done since you have been elected as the RWA President?

We started by making a proper list of all the issues that require our attention in a month. Prior to that, we lacked a proper security arrangement in society. As a result, we installed CCTV cameras throughout society, including in and around lifts.

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Apart from that, we installed gym equipment in our society so that people could use it without having to go somewhere else. Furthermore, we installed an e-billboard at the entrance of each building.

We've even created groups on social media so that anyone can share their issue at any time. We are also planning to hire a team to install a proper rainwater harvesting system.

Residents are also very supportive and we'll do everything in our power to make things better in our society.