City Spidey yoga camp: Round 2!
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City Spidey yoga camp: Round 2!

Cheers to the second day of City Spidey's yoga drive at Sector 82, Noida.

City Spidey yoga camp: Round 2!

Sector 82 residents joined City Spidey at the sector's community centre on the second day of its yoga drive. The excitement among residents was palpable, with a bigger and more enthusiastic turnout that spanned all age groups. Yoga gurus Abhay Singh and Rana Pratap took the session to the next level, introducing the residents to a few of the more advanced yoga poses.

The idea behind the two-day camp (February 20-21) was to establish a one-on-one contact with the residents and announce the arrival of City Spidey, "the friendly neighbourhood app and website" that aims at community building. 

We had a great time. Hope you did too. Keep practising. Till next time!


HEEL OVER HEAD: Yoga guru Abhay Singh strikes a pose.


THE FLEXIBILITY FACTOR: Residents join City Spidey on the second day of its wellness drive.


WITH RAPT ATTENTION: Residents follow the yoga guru's lead.


STARTING YOUNG: This kid turned out to be a quick learner.


BALANCING ACT: The yoga guru strikes a perfect Vrikshasana (the tree pose).