Horn Ok Please 2022- Some vibrant highlights
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Horn Ok Please 2022- Some vibrant highlights

Many inquisitive souls found their way here to know their fortune.

Horn Ok Please 2022- Some vibrant highlights

Horn Ok Please aka HOP 2022, the three-day fest came to an end on June 26, 2022, after a vibrant gathering at JLN Stadium. As we mentioned, this year's Hop was bigger and better with different activities to keep you engaged. Live bands performing, a variety of gourmet and other activities to relish formed HOP 2022. New corners for entertainment and creativity could be seen throughout the fest. Face painting and tarot reading painting to Lucknowi Tunday kebab, we saw some emerging and attractive trends.

Let us look back at some of them in detail-

Section for creativity


Fests become a great time to indulge in some funky trends or harmless selfie binge. A section was dedicated to this that shone brightly with its glitters and colourful threads from a distance. It can also be called a beauty corner, from hair braiding to face painting. This corner was flooded with girls to get their faces painted and hair braided.  

Mollicious by Mallika Pandey was a big hit at the HOP. The little corner handled by the mother-daughter duo was quite famous for its artistic work. Mallika Pandey is a professional MUA (makeup artist) who single-handedly managed long queues of girls waiting to get glittery face tattoos. Her mother Rupali Pandey was helping her manage the stall. It was their second time coming to such a fest. They were also a part of Boho bazaar 2022. Their stall was stocked with skin-friendly glitters and paints to give a fantastic part look to all visitors."

Rupali Pandey, says, "We use skin-friendly glitters and face paint. It will not harm your skin in any way. All the items we use on our stall are in-house production. We never compromise when it comes to our authenticity of products."

Hair braiding

Who wouldn't love to sport a colourful look with some colourful threads braided onto their hair? Along with face painting, hair braids were another highlight at HOP. Ladies were going gaga over this trend. The whole hop was flocked with women with their hair braided. Many women were seen getting themselves adorned with colourful braids and beautiful glitters. The entire HOP 2022 looked adorable due to this creative corner. 

Know your fortune! 

Everything is better with a little magic, well, I guess that is what her booth was all about. A lady sporting black lips, distinguishable makeup and attractive attire couldn't stop our curiosity from visiting her tarot reading stall with the name 'Fortune Baba'.

Priyanka Maheshwari's booth name was quite enjoyable as she created a whole ambience. She is a professional tarot reader, charm caster, and dream analyst. Many inquisitive souls found their way here to know their fortune.

The Macrame House

Again a mother-daughter duo working towards a sustainable future had something beautiful stored in their stall. Al the items in the store were handmade with zero wastage. They had such beautiful wall decorations items that can make your area presentable and aesthetic. Everything was captivating and eco-friendly, from small side corner seats to swings. Srishti, 28, the brand owner, says, "Our company employs maids and house workers to earn extra income for themselves. 

Crafts Bazaar

The quirky corner stall was full of colours and creativity. The booth walls were filled with frames with different patterns and designs solely made by threats. The makers of the crafts bazaar were all women. Everything we saw at the stall was handmade with love and creativity. This booth was home to creativity in all senses. Musan Rajput, the brand's owner, put her heart and soul into the venture so that people could find little happiness with their products. 

College students enjoying at HOP 2022
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This year HOP was indeed a fest to remember, as it marked its revival after two years. From friends to families, all found something to revel in and created some fun memories. Surely, making the crowd look forward to another season next year.