Telemedicine, a boon of medical science for community!
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Telemedicine, a boon of medical science for community!

Most problems can be solved by experts in the respective fields by consulting them online

Telemedicine, a boon of medical science for community!

With the development of Science and digital media, there is a new mode of treatment and consultation named “Telemedicine”  has created a revolution  in  practice by the medical practitioners across the globe advising the patients and suggesting them steps and medication to cure disease. Tele-medicine is a relatively new concept in India, though it started many years ago for people living in rural areas with no access to specialists. Now it is the need of the hour. It is picking up rapidly and most of the doctors living in big cities are available for Tele-consultation. Senior Consultant and Robotic Surgeon(ENT and Head and Neck Surgery), Dr Kalpna Nagpal says with data, that 70 percent or even 80 percent patients do not require to visit hospitals . “Most problems can be solved by experts in the respective fields by consulting them online. Skype, Facetime, whatsApp audio or video etc is possible depending upon the patient's request. Very easy for minor emergencies,” says Dr Kalpana Nagpal.

In this mode it happens at one’s own convenience. The doctor can choose a time when he/she is not overburdened, except when the need is urgent. The payment plans are so simple and effective and affordable. Tele-consultations are useful for taking second opinions especially if patient is ready with all the investigation reports including scans. Results can be uploaded along with the history and sent to the doctor. That saves time and information is ready for the doctor. Even mobile apps can help the patient know his/her vitals like pulse and blood pressure and BMI etc . It helps to change the health care delivery model for the better especially in the era of viral pandemics. It breaks all geographical barriers and is made available for use. “The only hindrance is if the condition is serious where patient needs to physically come and certain structures in the body which cannot be photographed like ear canal or ear drum .Easier for skin conditions or any other visible illness where the picture of the rash, ulcer or mole, can be uploaded .Patient can ask the family members to take a picture if the ulcer is on the tongue or inside of the cheek and send it to the doctor.”

According to Dr Kalpana Nagpal most ailments can be sorted by expert's advice this way .Those who do not improve or get worse which is in 20 percent cases can seek physical consultation. “By using Tele-medicine facilities, you would not risk yourself going to the hospital and coming in contact with other patients. Also you reduce vehicular pollution and save money on your fuel and above all time. Unnecessary visits to hospitals could be avoided during such pandemics. Under served population also get benefits. So contact your doctor and go for virtual consultation at your own convenience. Stay safe,” adds Dr Kalpana Nagpal.

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