Gurugram: Ardee City RWA pin hopes on MCG promise to solve their water crisis
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Gurugram: Ardee City RWA pin hopes on MCG promise to solve their water crisis

The ongoing water crisis has resulted in a lot of stress and anxiety among residents

Gurugram: Ardee City RWA pin hopes on MCG promise to solve their water crisis

Gurugram: In view of the ongoing two weeks long water crisis in Ardee City, Sector 52 Gurugram, colony RWA along with residents had a meeting with officials concerned of the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) on June 30, 2022. After two weeks of struggle, the RWA and residents of society could finally speak to the higher officials in the meeting about the water crisis. Later that day, the Chief Engineer and Superintendent Engineer, MCG, also visited the society to examine the problem and provide a suitable solution.

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The MCG officials promised the residents a continuous water supply in the next 24 hours. For now, the residents are patiently waiting for MCG to resolve the issue. The residents have announced to protest against the MCG if they fail to provide water in the given amount of time. “If we do not get our water problem solved soon, then the residents of Ardee City will show their unity and march in numbers of thousands to protest against the MCG,” says Chaitali Mandhotra, spokesperson of Ardee City RWA. She further points out that MCG had made fake promises of solving the water issue in two days and after this, the sub divisional officer, MCG told them that the infrastructure of the society is old and that is why the issue is persisting. The residents allege that the water problem started only after June 15 when the MCG had taken over the administration of the residential society.

She says Chaitali,"Our infrastructure cannot collapse in a day, we were fine till the 14th of June. After 15 days of continuous pressure from the RWA, MCG has just finally started working towards identifying the cause."
Moreover, residents allege that the water provided by MCG is contaminated. Mahesh Mathur, a resident of the society says, "The water provided by MCG is so dirty that we have to use alum to clean it. We have tweeted and written letters to MCG and CM Haryana but no positive action has been taken."

Residents also allege that the private water suppliers are overcharging for water as the demand has increased.  Panini Gupta (Rtd) NDMC official and resident of Ardee City, says, "The water MCG provided to us is contaminated which can only be used for agricultural purposes. We have spent a lot of money already to get water from private suppliers and they are increasing the cost of the tankers day by day as the demand is increasing. Tankers starting at the rate of rupees 1500 are being sold for 2000."

He shares his plight, saying, "We feel helpless when residents call us in the early morning asking about the water crisis. An 86-year-old lady who has just been recently discharged from the hospital and lives with her husband is one of the sufferers. They don't have the energy and stamina to deal with this water crisis."

Dr Isha Sharma, another resident from Ardee City says, "I have small kids who don't understand the situation. Being working parents, we don't have the time to run after these problems every day. It's been 15 days since we are facing this problem and there has been no improvement from the side of MCG. Kids' schools will reopen in two or three days. I don't know how will we manage then."

The ongoing water crisis has resulted in a lot of stress and anxiety among residents. Some of them are even asking for the management of their residential colony to be handed back to the builder, as at least, they had water then.