Delhi NCR ladies react to LPG price hike
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Delhi NCR ladies react to LPG price hike

The non-subsidized 14.2 cylinders would now cost Rs 1053 in Delhi

Delhi NCR ladies react to LPG price hike

In the third hike since May this year, cooking Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) has become more expensive. The cost of domestic cylinders has increased by Rs 50 throughout the country. The hike would be applicable from Wednesday, June 6, 2022, according to the latest notification of oil companies. The non-subsidized 14.2 kg cylinders would now cost Rs 1053 in Delhi.

The constant hikes would directly hit households as only the Ujjwala beneficiaries get subsidies and most residents use the non-subsidized gas cylinders.

CitySpidey talked to a few ladies from Delhi NCR to gather their views-

Megha Mittal, a resident of Sector 51 Noida says,

"The price of LPG has doubled in the last 7-8 yrs. But our salaries are not increasing at that rate. Not only LPG but the prices of other fuels has also increased. CNG prices almost doubled since last year.”

Shipra from Samridhhi Grand Avenue tech zone 4, Greater Noida,

says, “LPG is the basic need of every household. If a family consisting of 4 people lives together, 1 LPG would be required for a month for cooking. Not only LPG but the prices of vegetables and pulses are also increasing and overall it affects the total monthly budget of a household."

Jaya Sharma, 37, Sector 17 Dwarka says, "It is going to be a little stressful on our monthly budget. We will have to compromise on other things to maintain the budget. LPG price hike will affect our day-to-day activities and leisure. The restaurants will increase their price because of this too.”

Shalini Sharma, a resident of Antariksha Golf View 2, Sector-78, Noida says,

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"We run our household on a limited budget. With the prices increasing so rapidly, the quality of food that we prepare would decline. It’s heavy on our pockets to pay so much for everything. The government should think about the middle class.”

Rakhi Rajput (34) from Dwarka Mor says, "LPG price hike will increase the use of microwave and induction. However, not everyone can afford these appliances. I don’t know how would the middle class survive this inflation.”