Mega shopping festival to be organized in Delhi, 2023
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Mega shopping festival to be organized in Delhi, 2023

This would give a boost to employment, business and the economy of Delhi.

Mega shopping festival to be organized in Delhi, 2023

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made a big announcement on June 6, 2022, saying that the country's biggest shopping festival will be organized in Delhi from 28 January to 26 February 2023. This would give a boost to employment, business and the economy of Delhi.

As announced, the festival will encapsulate the culture, tradition, and warmth of Delhi. The Delhi Government will make it the biggest shopping festival in the world in the coming few years. Exhibitions on Spirituality, Gaming, Technology, and Health will be organised at Delhi Shopping Festival. All markets, shops and malls of Delhi will be decorated. All the products will be available at huge and unmatched discounts. There will be something for people from every section. Top artists from across the country and the world will perform in over 200 entertainment programs to be organised at the Delhi Shopping Festival.

The Festival will have a special food walk consisting of cuisines from all parts of the country including Marathi, South Indian, Gujarati, and Bengali dishes. Every famous restaurant and hotel industry in Delhi and the entire county will participate. We are in talks with hotels, travel agents and airlines to provide comfortable travel and lodging arrangements for people travelling from outside to Delhi; special packages will be offered to them. "Delhi Shopping Festival" will give a massive boost to Delhi’s economy. Traders and businessmen will get a big opportunity to grow their businesses and thousands of jobs will be created. The festival will bring together the people of Delhi, corporates, businessmen, businessmen and the government to work as partners. Delhiites should gear up to host the "Delhi Shopping Festival" and people living outside should start booking their tickets immediately.”

The CM says, “The festival will be a month-long, and we have been planning for this grand celebration for some time. Planning has been completed and now is the time to implement the same. The countdown has begun and we will invite people from the entire country and the world. This festival will be a unique opportunity to buy quality products, reflecting the spirit of Delhi."

There will be special food walks during this festival. Reputed hotels, restaurants and the hospitality industry will take part in the festival. We are coordinating with the hotels, railways and airlines to make the stay and travel of visitors comfortable.

Delhi is to be divided into five zones for the festival

Delhi will be divided into North, South, East, West and Central Zone to host different components of the shopping festival. Based on the USP, Brand Awareness, Genres of Shopping, No of Shops, GST Collection, Space, Footfall, Connectivity and Cleanliness, the government will further narrow down upon 15 iconic markets and 10 malls across all zones to take this festival to the ground. The Kejriwal Government further plans to expand this shopping festival to neighbourhood markets in the second year.

Focus areas of the festival

The Delhi Government has further identified a series of focus areas for different sections of the society to give a unique experience to everyone. For Homemakers and Shopping Enthusiasts: there will be, Dedicated hours and days for shopping, talent hunt, Porter service, Mehendi & bangle booths, Free transport, Golf-carts for movement, and special training; For children and young adults: there will be rides, games and competitions, Magic and puppet shows, participative performances, dance floors, Special booths for candies, ice-cream and fast-food; For the elderly: there will be dedicated lanes for movement, dedicated hours and days for shopping, friendly infra & amenities, special discounts and reserved seating. Besides these, the festival will also see special parades and performances for everyone’s delight.

Curated expos to be organised across the 5 zones

Month-long expos, hosting 5 themes in 5 zones will be organised in Delhi under the Shopping Festival. These will include expos on Spirituality and Wellness; Art & Literature with a focus on languishing art; Gaming & Tech; Kids Special; and Environment & Sustainability.

Weekend blockbusters to be organised during the festival

Blockbuster Performances will be organised in each zone over the weekends during the festival. The Weekend Blockbusters will host between 6,000-8,000 people. Concerts, performing arts, comedy shows, and celebrity gigs will be a part of the event.