CitySpidey visits Dwarka's Indira Gandhi Hospital
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CitySpidey visits Dwarka's Indira Gandhi Hospital

The hospital lack many facilities such as MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, and Ultrasound

CitySpidey visits Dwarka's Indira Gandhi Hospital

Indira Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Dwarka Sector 9, is a very important project for the residents of Dwarka. After starting its Out Patient Department (OPD) in November 2021, it's been almost 8 months since the hospital is offering OPD services in 9 departments. These include Medicine, Skin, Surgery, Pediatrics, ENT, Psychiatry, OBS & Gynae, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology. CitySpidey visited the hospital and talked to some patients to understand what the community thinks about this hospital.

The OPD registration and OPD ward for surgery are located on the first floor. For skin and eyes, the OPD wards are located on the second floor and the rest are on the third floor. However, things are not perfect and there is a need for a lot of improvement. Many of the patients/visitors highlight that although the functional departments are working well, there is a need for all departments to be set up soon.

Construction work is still going and the other departments and medical college are expected to start soon. The hospital has 5 floors and many wards are still not functioning. In diagnostics, only blood tests and Covid vaccination are available. At the moment, the hospital lacks facilities such as MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, and Ultrasound. As a result, not many patients can receive treatment here at the moment. As gathered, the hiring of hospital staff, nurses, and doctors are still going on.

Ayushi Sharma, 26, a resident of Dwarka sector 5, says “I came here for my skin problem and the dermatology department is very good. I reached at 8:30 am and there were no queues. The hospital staff is very friendly and cooperative. You can find them at every corner to guide you since the building is huge. The hospital remains very clean. All the functional departments are very good and doctors guide patients patiently and respond to all their queries. Still, it’s not fully operational but right now all the working departments are giving their 100% to help people.”

Mahesh Jha (48) and Renu Jha (45), residents of Pochanpur village had come here for treatment, but they had a bad experience. Renu Jha says, “We came here for the gall bladder stone operation. However, the hospital doesn’t provide this facility as of now. They have referred us to another hospital. The infrastructure is fine but the hospital lacks facilities. I think it’s high time that the administration starts working at a full pace so that all the departments can start soon.”

Hema Tyagi, 28, a resident of Dwarka Sector 18 says, “At the moment, I don’t like this hospital at all. When I asked about the Neurology department, the person at the registration counter replied rudely 'There is nothing here, go somewhere else'. Thankfully, another staff member was more cooperative and informed me that the neurology department has not been set up yet.”

Mayank Rajput, 30, a resident of Dwarka sector 12, says “I have visited the ENT department twice or thrice. However, the staff was rarely there, which shows they are not serious about patients. Every time, when I asked about it, they always gave the excuse that this is a new hospital so we have a shortage of staff and medicines. I hope facilities improve with time."

Credits: CitySpidey

Vikram Singh, 48, a resident of Ambrahi Village highlights an additional problem. He says, “Doctors are good but the staff makes so much noise sometimes. They laugh loudly in the corridors and are always busy talking with each other. Sometimes it became very annoying because patients are sitting there too and can get disturbed. Overall, the doctors, infrastructure, and facilities are good but still, it can truly benefit the community only when all departments become functional."