Five national parks you can visit during monsoons
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Five national parks you can visit during monsoons

Karnataka's Kabini National Park is the perfect location where you can visit during monsoon.

Five national parks you can visit during monsoons

Greener trees, cool wind and the painted sky, the monsoon is the perfect to appreciate nature. If you want to witness nature's beauty, the national parks would be a lovely landmark. Finding a national park that is open during the monsoons may be challenging because many national parks remain closed during the rainy season. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of five National Parks where you can go and enjoy the monsoon season with nature.

Periyar National Park, Kerala

Credits: My India

The Periyar National Park is a good destination to visit if you want to enjoy tranquility in nature amidst the monsoon. Periyar National Park is famous as a tiger and elephant reserve. This park is open throughout the monsoon season.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Credits: Tour My India

Visiting Ranthambore National Park during the monsoon would welcome you with fresh and green surroundings. There is the possibility of witnessing rare insects and birds hiding under trees. Monsoons can be the best time to visit here.

Dachigam National Park, Jammu and Kashmir

Credits: Wildlife SOS

The Dachigam National Park can be a safe and convenient spot because it experiences very little rainfall so, you can easily enjoy wildlife safaris here during the monsoon. Here, you can behold live sights of the Kashmiri stag, a yellow-throated marten, a leopard cat, and a Himalayan Grey Langur.

Kabini National Park, Karnataka

Credits: Steve Mark Medium

Karnataka's Kabini National Park is the perfect location you can visit during the monsoon. No words can define the beauty of this place and you can only truly appreciate it by visiting. The months from July through October are when Kabini looks its best. Sambhar, the leopard, spotted deer, panther, and other wildlife species are the main wildlife attractions. You may see the 250 varieties of bird species.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

Credits: Kerala Tourism

Muthanga in Kerala is another popular National Park in India to visit during the monsoon season. You may see many elephants wandering freely in the greenery. This location links Mudumalai and Bandipur National Park. You can enjoy the greens and see various animals and birds.