World Population Day: People show concern about the increasing population
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World Population Day: People show concern about the increasing population

CitySpidey talked to people to know about their views about increasing population

World Population Day: People show concern about the increasing population

India is soon to get the title of being the world's most populous country. No, we don't say that, the United Nations does. According to the World Population Prospects 2022 report released on Monday, July 11, 2022, India is expected to overtake China as the world's most populated nation in 2023. The report also predicted that the world's population would hit eight billion by mid-November, 2022.

CitySpidey talked to the people of Delhi to know about what they think of this new milestone India is going to hit.

Shweta Bharti (40), a resident of Sector 78, Noida, a social activist working in the IT sector says

Shweta Bharti 
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“According to me, the high population is the cause of several problems in present time. The government needs to make a strict law because it’s already too late. Even after the implementation of the law, still, things will take much time to settle down.”

She further added, “Not only government but the public also needs to pay attention towards the increasing population because it will affect the people eventually. Many people are still facing a lack of basic commodities. If we want a future where everyone gets ‘Roti Kapda Makan aur Paani’, then population control is very important.”

Sahil Verma (23), a resident of Laxmi Nagar says, “With such a high rate of the population growth, the education gap in India may lead to uneven income distribution.  India's ecological and natural resource base would also be highly impacted by this population explosion. It would also lead to the exploitation of the natural resources more.”

Sahil Verma
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Radha Kumar (30), a resident of Dwarka sector-8 and a teacher, says


Radha Kumar 
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“Definitely, increasing population of our country is a major concern which is going to affect the future generations. The Increasing population is not only imposing a concern to the depletion of resources but rather their accessibility too. Thus, it’s a high time we as citizens of our country need to give thought to it and check upon it. This is necessary too for our future generations to come.”

Mamta Joshi (22), a resident of Burari, working as an Image executive says, “India’s enormous population is a matter of concern. Government and citizens of India need to be more aware of the impact of the increasing population and work accordingly to control it. The country's growing population over the following two decades will drastically diminish the number of hospital beds, food, education, etc., available per person across all major states.”

Mamta Joshi
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Swati Gupta (24), a resident of Faridabad, working in an Advertising agency says,

Swati Gupta 
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“Apart from only talking about it, it's high time people do something about this. Awareness programs should be conducted and strict law needs to be imposed to control population growth. India is facing this problem and immediate action such as the 'Two Children Policy' same as China should be implemented strictly in our country.”

Ashita Pant (42), a resident of Amrapali Princely Estate Noida Sector 76, Owner of Royal Chakki on Wheels, says

Ashita Pant 
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“Government and people need to think about how requirements such as education, food, job opportunities will be met. Population increase will also lead to more destruction of mother nature.”