Sawan sweets you must try
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Sawan sweets you must try

Besides all the eating restrictions in the month of Sawan, there are some advantages too.

Sawan sweets you must try

Sawan is not only a favourite month of Lord Shiva but we love it too. The fresh drops of monsoon breathe new energy and everything seems more lively. This year, Sawan started on July 14 and will last till mid-August. 

The fifth month of the Hindu calendar, also known as Shravan mass is considered auspicious among many devotees. Besides all the eating restrictions in the month of Sawan, there are some advantages too. There are numerous tailor-made sweets best suited to the rainy season we get to enjoy during this month.

Here are some sweets you should not miss in the month of Sawan:


Ghewar is traditionally associated with the auspicious month of Sawan. The disc-shaped sweet comes from Rajasthani cuisine. With the perfect balance of crispy and sweetness, it is a burst of satisfying flavours. The pure ghee adds a special flavour to the dish. With a dash of nuts and a layer of rabri, it truly tastes divine.

Singhare ki Lapsi

It is probably a dish we eat only during the Sawan month. Singhare ki Lapsi reminds some of us of our childhood memories, with all the different shaped bars. A very simple and sweet dish, one can cook in just 10 mins. The best part about Singhare ki Lapsi is you can eat it on the day of your fast too.

Sabudana ki Kheer

Although Sabudana ki kheer is considered a food for fasting, you do not have to fast to enjoy it. This delicious sweet is very common in Indian households as it is tasty and easy to cook.

Coconut Ladoo

Few desserts can be as nutritious and healthy as coconut Ladoo. You can easily cook this ladoo for Sawan month. Jaggery can be used here instead of sugar to keep it more healthy. The best part about it is you can store it for a long time.


Last but not least is Sewai. The homemade sewai tastes very delicious when cooked with ghee. This age-old easy-to-cook sweet can be the perfect sweet to enjoy this month. Its natural goodness can ensure nutrition if you are fasting.