Delhi's most overrated restaurants!
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Delhi's most overrated restaurants!

There was a time when Khan chacha ruled the Rolls industry

Delhi's most overrated restaurants!

Delhi is always known for its rich heritage and delicious food. Over time, many of the eateries have lost their taste and touch. Here in  Delhi, many places are the talk of the town, but when it comes to their food taste and quality, they lack. Isn't it often the case that you go to a diner that has been the buzz of the town, but your feast is nothing but disappointing? Here's our attempt to prevent this from happening to you: Browse through our list of the city's most overrated eateries to avoid.

Khan Chacha

Credit: Navneet Kalra 

There was a time when Khan chacha ruled the Rolls industry; they were primarily the institution for all roll lovers. But recently, the eatery has lost its charms, and they are doing pretty shabby in the  business. Although the place has many outlets, there's some compromise on the grade and taste. Over the years, the king of rolls has  disappointed its food lovers. The restaurant is at-present cruising on its past reputation and not much else. We feel Delhi's existing street  vendors have far sounder choices than Khan Chacha's.


Credit: Curly Tales 

Delhi's first highest revolving restaurant situated on the 24 floors  is not the same as it was earlier. Parikrama has long been renowned  for its absurdly slow-moving rooftop restaurant that rotates an inch  every ten minutes. Another drawback for Parkirama is that many  customers complained that the food's quality did not match its high  prices. Additionally, their servers appear to be overworked to the  point of being openly nasty and uninformed, which needs improvement.  There is no point in spending your money on pricey and tasteless food.

Paranthe Wali Gali

Credit: Holidify 

Even though today Paranthe Wali Gali is a synonym with Delhi 6, still  the Paranthe shops located here are easily the most overrated eating  joints on our list. The fact is the numerous descriptions of the  fabled Paranthe Wali Gali are exaggerated. The area is crowded,  unclean, and sweltering, to say the least, and is located amid the  winding, grimy streets of Chandni Chowk. The paranthas are somewhat  burned and deep-fried to the point where you can't hold them.  Furthermore, calling them paranthas is misleading. Earlier during our  grandparent's era, the paranthas and the sabzi were the real deal.  Nowadays, it's a poor arrangement.

Moti Mahal, Daryaganj

Credit: Justdial

One of the most well-known eateries in old Delhi is Moti Mahal, which  has locations in Delhi NCR and all over the country. This is where  Delhi's renowned Butter Chicken had its beginnings. However, the  food's quality has declined with time. Butter Chicken, a dish that is  famous throughout the world, was unintentionally found at Moti Mahal.  People continue to throng the Daryaganj restaurant to order a platter  of Butter Chicken. Even more so, the restaurant claims to be the  truest representation of North Indian cuisine. But is it still  worthwhile today? No. The city offers more excellent Butter Chicken  options, not to mention the several eateries and chefs that have improved the dish.


Credit: Justdial

If you are a die heart fan of Muglai flavours, many would suggest  visiting Karims for some reason. But in reality, the oldest eatery of  Delhi NCR has lost its erstwhile royal flavours. With over 30 outlets,  the taste you are looking for is unavailable at any of its outlets.  Still, the old Delhi-6 Karim's is the closest to its old flavours.
Few of its dishes are sufficiently good but not something out of this  world. The 100 years old establishment is not the same. Karim's is  overhyped, founded on the owner's claim that their ancestors were the  Khansamas who prepared food for the Mughal Empire and retained the  same flavours since then. Also, the servers are relatively hassled,  and you must persuade them repeatedly about your previously-placed  orders. However, numerous eateries close to Karim's serve some of the  traditional specialities far better, such as AL-Jawahar.

Sarvana Bhawan

Credit: TripAdvisor

Sarvana Bhawan was in the news as a customer found a dead lizard in  their sambar on 3rd August 2020. News stations like HT and TOI wrote  about the entire situation . Imagine if it would happen to you too.  Even though the price of the purportedly authentic food has increased  by two over time, we wish we could say the same about the flavour of  food. Since this was one of the most well-known and everyone's  favourite locations to go to any time, we wanted some decent south  Indian food, the quality of the food has let us down over the years.  Whenever you visit the restaurant in the afternoon, customers are  constantly waiting for their table. We don't understand the hype  behind this place; the food is overrated.

Kake Da Hotel

Credit: Justdial

Sadly, Kake Da Hotel is one of many locations in Delhi that has lost  its appeal and has been reduced to little more than a brand name. The  quality of their cuisine is getting worse every day. We've discovered  that they're also not entirely careful to keep the area tidy. Although  Kake Da Hotel has been in business since 1931 and is known for its  Dahi Meat, Meat Biryani, and Keema Kaleji, we believe the hype  surrounding this establishment is unjustified.