Gurugram- Banjara market, NCR's haven for affordable home decor
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Gurugram- Banjara market, NCR's haven for affordable home decor

Any discomfort from the crowd may be worth it because of the fine quality of articles here.

Gurugram- Banjara market,  NCR's haven for affordable home decor

It is a flea festival for city dwellers to buy furniture on most days at Banjara market, one of Gurugram's busiest markets for affordable home decor in sector 70. As I entered, lanes and lanes of frames, crockery and ceramic overwhelmed me. Loud voices of rates and prices could be heard in the distance. Somewhere, in the corner, there were a few people perhaps fighting over a piece of home decor.

The market was established in 2000 when a nomadic tribe from Rajasthan came to Gurgaon and set up tents and shops. Travelling traders who bring goods from Salanpur, Moradabad, and Panipat set their shops for the high-rise dwellers. Any discomfort from the crowd may be worth it for the articles here are as good as ones found in elite furniture markets, but they come at very competitive prices. If bargaining is your strong point, you are surely at the right place.

I was surprised to see as many men as women, who were equally invested in buying crockery and home decor. All Pinterest-like and Instagram- worthy stuff is available for affordable costs here. You will find a wide selection of planters, cutlery, ceramics, stools, and home décor. You can explore endless stunning variety in copper and gold frames, flower pots, and wall décor in a wide range of sizes, forms, and colours. You must also look at the stylish shelf stand and the quality is incredible.

Ceramic utensils are the most well-known item in the banjara market that draws visitors; you can find all many sorts here, including plates, bowls, spoons, mugs, and more.

Fulfilling your royal desires, you can buy a copper and brass vintage mirror. You can choose from a variety of frames for the mirror and even request that they be painted in a colour of your choice.

If you want to shop at the Banjara market, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Market hours are 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Visit early in the morning when they are opening or late in the evening to receive unmatched deals. Bargaining is the only way to get things you want.

The ideal way to shop at the banjara market is with a four-wheeler since carrying stuff around the market and buying would be frantic and exhausting. It is preferable to buy things and load them into the car since there is no designated parking area.

Banjara is an open market, so it may be challenging to shop during the middle of the day or in the summer. Plan your shopping trips for the winter or the evening.

You need to be careful while buying crockery as it may have defects.

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However, as we shop at the market, there are a few things we oversee. One of them is that many children have become salespersons in the market. As gathered, most of the traders have settled in sectors 52 and 53 for more than ten years and the children have started assisting them. A young salesman named Abhishek, who is 14 years old, while talking to him about his education says, "We don't go to school because we don't have time to study." He shared that there are 100 more kids his age in that market who do not attend school. Even though the crowd of visitors seems large, the life of traders is not easy. The majority of them indicated that had a 20 or 30/- margin on each product.