Wrap Hut- a healthy street food tucked in Tilak Nagar market
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Wrap Hut- a healthy street food tucked in Tilak Nagar market

The idea of serving healthy food on the streets of Tilak Nagar has now become a sensation

Wrap Hut- a healthy street food tucked in Tilak Nagar market

Can street food ever be healthy? One might laugh thinking of this statement and looking at the samosas and tikkis Indians love to consume. The greasy and spicy may be dense in carbs but sweet on the palate. However, one eatery in Tilak Nagar market has managed to provide the best of both worlds. Amidst the Tikki walas, golgappas and bread pakoras walas, lies 'Wrap Hut', a place serving healthy wraps, rolls and more. The stall, now famous on social media, has become a favourite of not just weight watchers but all food lovers.

While finding our way towards the famous wrap stall, all local vendors guided us reflecting the popularity that the stall has garnered. 'Wrap Hut' has a small and colourful stall. Among the ingredients were freshly handpicked vegetables such as beetroot, baby corn, broccoli and more. The sauces are ample in flavour giving the place a unique appeal. Many eager customers were already waiting for their turn.

Breaking all stereotypes about street food being junk food, Chef Vikram Singh started this business around two years back. Vikram believes that to survive in the dominant food industry, you have to think out of the box. Supported by his wife Ruchi and family, he left his well-known chef job at Imly restaurant to start this venture as an entrepreneur. His idea of serving healthy food on the streets of Tilak Nagar has now become a sensation.

Vikram single handily cooks and prepares all the wraps for his customers. His hands work non-stop, from chopping veggies to rolling wraps. Every time he picks up veggies, he sprays water to clean them before chopping them.

After a while, Ruchi came to the stall to help Vikram. As we did not get a chance to talk to Vikram, we talked to Ruchi about how they came up with the idea of Wrap Hut and selling healthy food on the streets of Tilak Nagar, which is highly popular for fried and spicy food.

Ruchi says, "It all started around the pandemic time when Vikram left his job because he wanted to start something of his own. My mother-in-law has kidney problems, so Vikram had been experimenting with vegetables to spice up bland food for a long time. This is how we realized that healthy food does not have to be boring. This is what we wanted to share."

As learnt, the initial years for Vikram and his wife were not great. The customer base was small and many told them it was a wrong move and nobody would eat their food. They decided to persevere and keep trying. Soon, people started coming to their stall, and later it became a popular spot. Now, people from different parts of Delhi come here to eat healthy food items.

"My husband Vikram has put his love and soul into serving his customers. I am happy it is paying off," she adds.

As the crowd settled, Vikram engaged in the making of the healthy delicacies. While making his signature dish, gunpowder wrap, he says, "This wrap is my star dish, people love this. I use more than 7-8 exotic vegetables. Every day, I go to Delhi's biggest sabzi mandi, the Azadpur mandi, to get exotic vegetables for my food. I never compromise on the quality of vegetables  and wraps from my end."

As the wraps were looking amazing, we got our own. The freshness of the veggies wrapped in a beetroot tortilla with crunchy lettuce and other vegetable was irresistible. The wrap had a big chunk of paneer tossed in some in-house masala and fat-free sauces to flavour up the taste of the wrap. The hype behind this wrap was real.

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While gobbling on the wrap, our hunger was still not satisfied, so we ordered another item from the vast menu, the barbeque quesadilla. The dish was light and healthy with all sauteed vegetables and paneer inside a quesadilla was good enough if you do not want to eat a wrap.

Vikram Singh's Wrap Hut stall is indeed a healthy and tasty option to satisfy your snack cravings. Vikram and Ruchi serve all their customers with warmth and a smile. Turns out, the bustling Tilak Nagar market now has a great, healthy street food option