A day in the life of a green bee-eater
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A day in the life of a green bee-eater

The life of a green bee-eater is ordinary and special too.

A day in the life of a green bee-eater

We humans living in the megacity have busy lives. But there are other species too having a busy day, like a green bee-eater. The only thing is that we seldom stop and observe it. Only a minuscule minority among us indulge in something like that. Jai Prabhan, an avid bird photographer is one of them.

This is how it goes. First and foremost, sit on a branch, contemplate the world around and look pretty. This is the time it waits for some interested photographer to turn up with his DSLR and a 500mm plus zoom. If any such photographer arrives, the bee-eater gives him a perfect pose.

The next is to take to wings and look for what it must have, given its name, a bee. The task is routine and does not take much effort. Soon the first bee of the day is caught and relished. This is followed by a few more similar catches. But eating bees every day can be a bit of a bore. No matter bees are a tasty morsel and full of proteins still a little variety in food is well-appreciated.

So it takes to wings again and starts looking for something different.  It seems to be a lucky day as it finds a green spider. That’s something quite unexpected and of a totally different taste. It was a good catch.

Having had its meal, it is time to chat up with friends on a branch. Here it talks about happenings of the day.

The chat is long and busy. Then it is again time for some personal introspection before the day draws to a close.

Credits: Dr. Jai Prabhan

The life of this nameless bee-eater was observed in a small lake in sector 23, Dwarka.