Protein-rich food for vegetarians!
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Protein-rich food for vegetarians!

Quinoa, which is a pseudocereal, is a good source of protein

Protein-rich food for vegetarians!

When it comes to protein, vegetarians cannot find sufficient options. However, there is no need to worry, some studies suggest that there are numerous plant-based proteins which can fulfil your bodily requirements. Those plant-based proteins will make you feel full, helps you in weight loss and strengthen your muscles. The best part is we usually eat such plant based proteins in our diet but are not completely aware of it. Here are some of the best vegetarian sources of protein.


Quinoa, which is a pseudocereals is a good source of protein. Just like other cereals, they can also be used as flour. Protein also provides fibre, iron, manganese and phosphorus.


Most types of beans are considered a rich source of protein. From Kidney beans to black beans, there is a large variety of beans available in India. There are multiple health benefits of eating beans.


One of the most common foods in India is Lentils (Dal). We habitually eat Lentils in a versatile way. It is a good source of protein, which is recommended for our routine intake.

Green Peas

You will be surprised to hear that green peas provide more protein compared to milk. It is a good source of Vitamins A, C and K. You can make soup or add them to your salad.


Oats or any oatmeal is considered a complete source of protein. Compare to other grains, it is believed that oats have higher quality protein. It also has fibre which will make you fill full and you end up eating less for the day.

Chia seeds

These tiny black and white seeds are highly nutritious. It is a good source of protein. It is highly recommendable for weight loss.


Nuts are also a very good source of protein. In addition to that, nuts also provide healthy fats, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin E and more. The best way to consume them is raw.