Friendship day: Who says women cannot be good friends
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Friendship day: Who says women cannot be good friends

The day can just be the right occasion for appreciating your special bond

Friendship day: Who says women cannot be good friends

Have you ever wondered how lonesome our school life, how tasteless our lectures at college, every train ride or outing would have been if our friends had not been there?

A popular stereotype is that women cannot be good friends. But against it, female friendships are one of the most positive and progressive bonds that uplift us from our lows. Friendship Day can just be the right occasion for appreciating this special bond. CitySpidey talked to some women residents from Delhi NCR people who shared their feelings about their best friends.

Mamta Joshi (22), a resident of Burari, working as an Image executive says, her best friend Dolly Khan is her strength.

“My best friend is my strength. Although we are from different religious backgrounds, it has never affected our love, care, and affection for one another. She is Muslim and I am Hindu, and we cherish an extraordinary bond of connection that is beyond religion. We have been friends for about 8 years. We have supported each other through thick and thin."

Surabhi Oroan (24), a resident of Sector 8 Dwarka, says “I can’t choose between my girl gang they are very special to me. I miss my college because they were the best, I miss those times when we use to bunk our classes and enjoyed ourselves in the cafeteria. Yes, we used to fight a lot but we always ended up abusing each other playfully and smiling.”

Khushbu Chauhan (24), a resident of Laxmi Nagar talked about the ‘trio group’ of best friends. Three of them never hide anything from each other and they are each other's partners in crime and source of motivation.

“I met them a year before, at my workplace and I never knew what friendship meant before them. Varsha Pandey is in the middle, the other one Dimple, both of them are my munchkins. I was about to promote, but I was not that confident enough or sure of my capabilities. They both always had helped me with positivity, reminding me of my good work, helped me to gain confidence.”

She further adds, “Whenever I let myself down in my personal lives, they both taught me that it is wrong to let yourself down every time. My friends have taught me the most important life lessons."

Chunoti Panwar (29) misses her best friend, Jyoti Chahar, on this friendship day as they both got married and did not get the chance to meet today.

She says, “Exploring different places just to eat good food together is precious to me. Exchanging texts during boring classes in college and laughing was so much fun."

Khushi Sharma (23), a resident of Shahdra, shared her favourite memory with her best friend Vishwas Kaushik.

She says, “A funny incident that comes to my mind is when we fall while riding to our common friend's birthday party. We were injured also but we laughed a lot when we fall and nearby people came to help us but we were only laughing. Even my knee and his elbow were bleeding but, we were only laughing like idiots.”

As we all know dogs are human’s best friends and Preksha Tiwari (23), lives this unique bond of friendship each day with her best friend, her dog Fifi.

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She says, “I adopted her and she makes me happy. I can say she is my best friend as whenever I need a hug and attention, she is there for me. She understands my emotion and never leaves me alone."