Ace Aspire senior citizen faints during meeting with tenant
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Ace Aspire senior citizen faints during meeting with tenant

Area residents and NGO members were present during the meeting

Ace Aspire senior citizen faints during meeting with tenant

It's been more than a week that Lalitesh Gupta (73) and Srichand Gupta (75) have been living outside their flat in tower H of Ace Aspire society(in Techzone 4) in silent protests. They allege that despite lapsing of the agreement, their tenant has refused to vacate the house.

The last update on the case was that the tenant had allegedly locked the home promising to return after 15 days. Yesterday, August 7, 2022, the two parties came together for negotiation in the flat. During this, Lalitesh fainted after which an ambulance had to be called.

As per SC Gupta, he has been struggling to get back his flat for the last 4 months now. The matter has become complicated as SC Gupta alleges that the agreement has been tampered with. He says that the contract was supposed on March 5, 2022, but the tenant is not vacating their house. He says, "I am not sure whether she wants to continue her stay or wants to acquire it. We have been asking her to vacate for the last 4 months. Our only option is protesting now."

As the elderly couple was sitting in a silent protest for many days, area residents and NGOs have become involved in the case. Yesterday, all of them were present during the meeting with the tenant.

As gathered, Srichand Gupta and Lalitesh Kumari bought this house in the year 2017 as their retirement home. They are both government servants and worked in the Social work department. They allege that they moved to Ace Aspire on March 15, 2022, for medical treatment after getting confirmation from the tenant in the email. However, Archana Choudhary, the tenant denies any discussion on the matter and says that she was not informed.

She says, "The landlords are following me everywhere for no fault of mine. I am ready to fight this case in court as I am not at fault." Archana herself says that there is some discrepancy in her agreement. She says, “I am not saying that I will stay here forever, but I need clarity. I had entered the agreement with the younger son who is no longer to be seen."

Towards the end, both parties agreed to meet again on August 8, 2022, and find a solution to the problem. On August 08, 2022, CtySpidey contacted SC Gupta to know about Lalitesh's condition and what happened in today's meeting. On this SC Gupta says, “Lalitesh’s health is not good, but she is not ready to be shifted to a hospital as she feels that would make them lose their flat. As of now, the meeting has not taken place."