'People would not feel the vibration', assure Edifice officials
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'People would not feel the vibration', assure Edifice officials

The project manager ensures that there will be no risk of mishappening

'People would not feel the vibration', assure Edifice officials

Noida's Twin Towers demolition is all set to take place on August 28, 2022. Ahead of the day, there is fear and uncertainty among residents of ATS Village and Emerald Court who have been asked to vacate their premises by 7:30 am on the day.

CitySpidey reached out to some officials from the Edifice engineering project regarding how safe would the impending demolition be.

Edifice engineering project manager Mayur Mehta says, "We have already submitted the reports of vibrations in the nearby buildings. It will be less than 10% of the earthquakes Noida received. As a result, people would not feel any vibration."

Taking about safety precautions, he says, "Interfloor connections for demolition of Apex building has been completed and Ceyane will be completed by this evening. The final connection between the buildings will be done on the day of demolition to fix the exploder. Both the towers will be rechecked on the day of demolition. The building would be under complete surveillance from today until August 28."

Regarding winning the trust of nearby residents, he says, "We are confident in our work. Residents and RWAs are convinced and happy with the way we have explained the process to them. Flyers have been distributed to every flat regarding do's and don'ts."