Most fashionable leading ladies in K-Drama
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Most fashionable leading ladies in K-Drama

K-drama industry has recently been the focus of some critical fashion events

Most fashionable leading ladies in K-Drama

Along with being well known for developing compelling stories and thoughtful characters, the K-drama industry has recently been the focus of some critical fashion events. Thanks to the success of some fantastic K-dramas that have influenced the Korean design industry, we have all the never-ending fashion inspiration we need. From fantasy and rom-com to legal thrillers and mystery thrillers, Korean leads are flawlessly integrated into the plot. Need to update your wardrobe? Here is some inspiration from the leading ladies of the Korean entertainment industry-

Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-Jin, in Crash Landing on You

Credit: Soompi

This is another reason CLOY was one of the most beloved K-dramas of 2020. In addition to the fantastic plot and the hot chemistry between the leads, it was actually the lead actors' wardrobe that caught the eyes of the viewers. Se-ri, the female lead, can be found back in Seoul wearing power suits and taking inspiration from retro Korean fashion while she was stuck in the North Korea. Which Se-ri are we most fond of? It's a tough decision.

Jo Yi-Seo, played by Kim Da-Mi, in Itaewon Class

Credit: PinkVilla

Jo Yi Seo, the rebel of the Itaewon Class, is a badass who undoubtedly dresses perfect for her role. She completely embodies the classic biker chic look by wearing cool, baggy blazers and edgy leather jackets with attitude. With the stunning apparel line from Itaewon Class, which is impossible to ignore, street style has now taken on a new meaning.

Ko Moon-young, played by Seo Ye-Ji, in It's Okay to Not Be Okay


Her clothing stole the show, almost. This was possibly the most talked about K-drama this year when it came to fashion. What the female lead wore was distinctive and quirky yet on-trend. From Young's nightgowns to dramatic puff-sleeved fashion confections, from, her striking bags and accessories to her ant waist, everything in her wardrobe is a must have. We're still daydreaming about her enormous bows on her shoulders and her nightgowns.

Yoon Hye-Jin, played by Shin Min-a, Hometown cha-cha-cha


We'd be lying if we said we weren't smitten with Hye jin's swoon-worthy colour palette in this show. She expertly solves the code to look casual-chic at all times, serving us some unique looks in various beautiful pastel tones. Hye jin's adaptable outfit inspiration, which nails the minimalistic style, is unquestionably the breath of fresh air our wardrobes require.

Seo Dal-mi, played by Bae Suzy, in Start-Up

Credit: Soompi

Start-Up depicts young businesspeople in a fictional Silicon Valley of South Korea named Sandbox. In addition to being the two male characters' romantic interest, Dal-mi also draws the audience's attention with her stylish outfits, which have a girl boss-meets-cute vibe. She frequently dons silk chiffon tops that highlight her waist in addition to chic trench coats, peplum blazers, and oversized blazers. She is ready to become the Sandbox fashion icon by adding a  few Dior bags (we saw the Dior Bobby, Dior Lady, and Dior Book Tote).

Jang Man-Wol, played by IU, in Hotel del LunaGhosts

Credit: The Seoul Story

Even though Man Wol has probably been around for a very long time, perhaps even tens of thousands of years, her clothing has undoubtedly kept up with the times, even though there is certainly a hint of vintage about it. She looks stunning in every attire, from flowy skirts with classic high collars and puffy sleeves to sleek, symmetrical little black dresses with solid gold accents for when she's dispatching rebellious souls.