Cinderella Revisited- A poem
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Cinderella Revisited- A poem

Rushing through the hay, Cinderella rode away,

Cinderella Revisited- A poem

2 minutes to midnight,
Yet she decided to stay,
"Excuse me, dear," was all she had to say.
And waltzed her walk with a smile, knowing that it was time.
She took a last look at the ballroom filled with light,
And laughed thinking, "Was this that I dreamt of every night?!"
For it was all a facade,
Of men and women in an endless charade.

So, as the tale went,
Came a whirlwind and changed the face of the chariot, horses and that
uncomfortable corset
Looking at that foolish prince, she deliberately left a glass slipper
And in her brunette locks and modest apron, enjoyed a drink

Outside the mighty gate, as she met her friends,
The rats and the squirrels jumped all the while, asking "How was it?,"
Smiling she said, "Not worth it"

Deciding it was time to break the chains,
Of a trapped room or a closed palace,
to seek a road away from that malice

Rushing through the hay,
Cinderella rode away,
While Prince Charming and his knights went on an impossible search,
Of the lady on whose foot the glass slipper would merge