From Tiger's lurking to Kriti's inhibitions, all from Koffee With Karan Ep 9
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From Tiger's lurking to Kriti's inhibitions, all from Koffee With Karan Ep 9

Kriti calls Tiger Shroff a 'flipper'

From Tiger's lurking to Kriti's inhibitions, all from Koffee With Karan Ep 9

Koffee With Karan, often makes headlines, sometimes for its frivolousness, and others, for some juicy gossip around Bollywood stars. To say the least, it is hard to ignore. With everything that the Koffee brews, the show running on Disney plus Hotstar is everyone's guilty pleasure at the moment. This episode saw the OG Heropnati couple Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff on the couch.

Every now or then, the show gives an insight into BTown which is certainly exciting to watch. Talking about revelations, Tiger Shroff was a hoot in this episode. He began by playing safe and denying all alleged link-ups but slowly caught fire to admit all his prior relationships. In his own words, he was talking in the 'Koffee language'.

After swearing on 'martial arts', he revealed that he was dating someone but is now single. After a probable break-up with Disha Patani, Tiger reveals that he is 'lurking' these days. As the jaguar lights turned for the rapid-fire, Tiger Shroff switched on his fiery side. Indirectly, he mentioned his previous relationships. Karan Johar of course insinuated how there are 'stars in his eyes' predicting an alleged link with Tara Sutaria. When Karan asks him why wouldn't he date Ananya, he says, "Ananya, again!"

Kriti, who claims to be single for a long time, joins the ride to call Tiger a 'flipper'. The Mimi fame actress says that she wouldn't date Tiger Shroff because he flips a lot. (She added that she means the somersaults, of course). Karan later mentioned how she and Aditya Roy Kapoor looked great together while chatting at a party. She agrees to take 'Adi' on a road trip.

The episode also talked about the professional struggles of both actors. Kriti was the first choice for Lust Stories but the actress refused saying that her mother wouldn't allow it. In Bollywood, a missed chance can change the game for someone else and the short film became a launching pad for Kiara. Kriti says that she regrets having passed the role.

Tiger shares how he was depressed after the Box Office failure of his last film Heropnati 2. In a candid chat, he shares how much the number means to him. The actor popular for his formula commercial hits says that his niche is where he would not be lauded a lot for his acting performance, and so things like his landing to save the day in a scene or his songs become very important for him.

Kriti finally manifests that she wants to be back in the next season of KwK and answers "We're just friends" when asked about her dating rumours. Watch this episode for Tiger's candour and Kriti's grace. The rapid fire sure came to a close call. The duo would be seen together in 'Ganapath'.