Beware! These indoor plants have side effects
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Beware! These indoor plants have side effects

Getting a bonsai is a simple way to have a tree within your house

Beware! These indoor plants have side effects

Thanks to home decor marketing, several individuals are now obsessed with indoor potted plants. The idea is to create a lovely environment and take instaworthy pictures. But there's a tiny problem: not every 'indoor plant' should be kept inside. Some of them come with side effects that you may not know. You should probably do some research before filling up your car with so-called 'Indoor plants' at a nursery.

You might want to consider twice before purchasing any of these common choices if they're unhealthy for allergies, dangerous for your children or pets, or nearly impossible to maintain.


This plant is one of the most seen plants in many households. They are deficient in maintenance and easy to care of and look attractive too! However, the plant contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can also be toxic for humans and your furry friends. Consuming philodendron can generate a dermatitis reaction in kids and swelling of the mouth and digestive tract in adults and children. Cats are incredibly toxic to philodendron, and there have been reports of spasms, seizures, and pain in cats and dogs.


Getting a bonsai is a simple way to have a tree within your house. The problem is that people with tree allergies may experience severe rashes from the plant. Additionally, take caution when watering or pruning it, even if allergies are not an issue.

English Ivy

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You are aware that English Ivy, a plant that frequently and skillfully climbs up structures, is safe to use to spruce up your home. According to Poison Control, the plant can also produce an allergic skin reaction in certain people, which may manifest as itching, a rash, or blisters. Additionally, studies claim that if your pet consumes it, it may cause respiratory difficulties, paralysis, or even a coma.

Areca Palms

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If you have palm trees, you'll feel quite at home in the tropics. Unfortunately, as soon as you discover your plant has an undesirable supply of spider mites, all those positive feelings will be dashed. The expensive plant is renowned for drawing insects, which may be difficult to eradicate as they slowly eat away at the leaves.


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People grow succulents all over their homes because they're cheap and look fabulous. Why not stock up? Just be careful if you do decide to carry some back with you. Mealybugs, which are teeny, tiny insects that quickly infect other plants and are very challenging to eradicate, can infect them.

Elephant Ear

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Be cautious if you have an 'Elephant Ear' or caladium. It's attractive, but it's also one of the plants that can be very hazardous for cats and dogs, leading to swelling, mouth and tongue burning, and vomiting if consumed.