Precautions with food in rainy season
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Precautions with food in rainy season

Wash your fruits and vegetables mandatorily during monsoons

Precautions with food in rainy season

Monsoon are best enjoyed with hot snacks, isn’t it? We all get excited when the rain arrives for having some pakoras with chai. But wait! don't just eat anything because you feel like. You should know what foods must be avoided in monsoon to keep your health in check. Monsoon doesn’t only pleasant weather, but also germs and viral infections. You need to be very careful during monsoon because of the weather change and humidity. Our body gets weak and more exposed to the viral. But nothing to worry, with some precautions you can enjoy all your favorite food and be healthy.

Keep hydrated

First and foremost keep yourself hydrated. This weather makes you dehydrate very frequently. You need to consume more liquid and hydrate your self regularly. Consuming more liquid will also help your digestion system to work smoothly. With this simple step you can keep yourself save for monsoon germs.

Wash the food

Wash your fruits and vegetables mandatorily during monsoons. During the rainy season fruits and vegetables are more exposed to dirt and germs. Rinse your food thoroughly with fresh water.

No to raw food

I know it is healthy to eat salads. But avoid it in monsoon, yes you read it write, salads shouldn’t be eaten in monsoon. Let me tell you the reason, germs and bacteria becomes active in the rainy season. By consuming raw food they will get a direct entry in your body and can cause you several diseases. So it is preferred to eat cooked food during monsoon.

Choose your food wisely

There are numerous variety of food available during the monsoon time. Mushrooms can be a good choice in rainy season. The vegetables like spinach and cauliflowers must be avoided as they grow near the ground and has higher chances to catch germs. Although you can have ‘Arbi ke patte’ as it grows little above the ground and has numerous health benefits.

Digestion is tough

I know ‘chai & pakora’ are the special combo in monsoon. But our digestion becomes weak during this period so it is advisable to avoid oily food. You can have it once in a while. Continuous consumption of oily food in monsoon can trouble you with upset stomach.

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