This monsoon, take care of your hair
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This monsoon, take care of your hair

Making oiling a regular part of your hair care routine will nourish your hair

This monsoon, take care of your hair

After enduring the scorching heat of summer, we are all in agreement that the monsoon season is pure delight. It is a warm experience to travel to a local hill station in the rain and chilly air. During the monsoons, we typically enjoy our lazy weekends by practising self-care and indulging in activities such as reading or cooking. We neglect taking care of our hair and frequently place it lower on the list of priorities. However, in monsoon, our hair demand a little more attention and care. Here are a few ways to do so-

Apply a hair oil with aloe vera and green tea

Making oiling a regular part of your hair care routine will nourish your hair. Twice a week, apply hair oil before shampooing to strengthen hair strands from the roots, lessen frizz, and avoid hair breakage.

Utilise less hard water

The water quality decreases during the monsoon season due to the high concentration of minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, which coats the hair and prevents moisture from penetrating, causing damage over time. Reduce the number of times you wash your hair since rough water causes it to become dry and wrinkled and causes significant hair loss. The other option is to use a filter to remove the hard water and stop the harm.

Pick the proper comb

When you attempt to comb through tangles after washing your hair, you risk your hair to significant damage because of how delicate your wet hair is; brushing it vigorously might cause hair loss. It's preferable to towel-dry your hair before using a wide-toothed comb, jade comb, or wooden comb because these will be less harsh on your strands.

Weekly champi regularly

The scalp can benefit significantly from a 15-minute champi, similar to a spa treatment and one of the most significant ways to heal damaged hair. It increases the oil's penetration and the nutrients it contains, causing a quick increase in blood flow and hair growth.

Towel dry your hair

Use the towel-dry method rather than blow-drying your hair, as this may cause it to become more frizzy and dry. After shampooing, it is ideal for drying your hair with a microfiber towel. Instead of vigorously combing your damp hair, gently squeeze it and fold it into a turban to maintain your stylish hairstyle for 15 minutes.