Bark Street, Noida's first pet-friendly cafe!
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Bark Street, Noida's first pet-friendly cafe!

Bark Street offers, apart from being a cafe, also offers various services for your pets

Bark Street, Noida's first pet-friendly cafe!

Noida: You may love your pet all you want, but when it comes to hanging out with them outside your home, there are very few options. You can go out in parks with your pet or walk the neighbourhood streets with them and that's about it. But when was the last time you went to hang out with your furry friend in a cafe? The answer probably would be never, because there's a serious lack of such spaces. However, if you live in Noida or around, you now have a space where you can go with your pet on a lunch or dinner date!

In Sector 104, Noida, is a pet-friendly cafe called 'Bark Street'. The idea for Bark Street was born after co-founders Somya Singhal and Nikhil Singh struggled to locate places where they could simultaneously socialise with their friends and dogs. To find a solution to this problem, the pair joined Rahul Narang and Aman Bhardwaj and conceived a venue that is much more than just a cafe.


When you reach Bark Street, it will look like just another cafe. The white walls with big french windows painted blue, adorned with lush green creepers are enough to change the setting of your mood to happy. Once you get inside the cafe, don't be surprised if you hear a bark, as the place has more than a few inhouse dogs. But just relax as these very friendly. Give the dogs there some time, let them get familiar with your smell and touch and within a few minutes, they'll become your friends. Their in-house dogs are super friendly and the cutest pets one could have ever met.

The cafe's interiors are refreshing and of course, suitable for your pets to roam around and play. While the walls are majorly white, the murals particularly stand out, giving the place a vibrant vibe. There's also an open lawn for your pet.

Their in-house dogs include Bunny, a Golden Labrador and AJ Aman Jr, a Chocolate Brown Labra, Doobie, a tiny Shih Tzu and Tofu, a Bigger Shih Tzu. Having them around the restaurant is an absolute delight; it makes the cafe more lively.

Bark Street offers, apart from being a cafe, also offers various services for your pets such as dog daycare, dog walking, training, 24/7 in-home veterinary appointments, dog grooming, and pet therapy. All these services are provided by qualified professionals. Have a dog issue? They most likely have the answer or can put you in touch with someone who does. Apart from that, the place also offers a working space for you, with unlimited access to wifi.

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The Bark Street's culinary team also has plenty of treats in store for you when it comes to food. They've included everything you would have a yearning for, from finger foods to hot dogs, sandwiches, pizza, spaghetti, momos, thick shakes, coffees, and iced teas. There is a lovely all-organic, gluten-free menu for our canine friends that features delicacies like Pupizzas, omelettes, pasta, crepes, and even sweets and drinks like cookies, cakes, yoghurt shakes, and dog beer! For each dish, they only use fresh ingredients. You can also order in for you and your pet if you're not ready to venture outside. They make sure delivery is contactless.

Vandana Pandey, a pet owner who regularly brings her beautiful Golden retriever to this cafe, told us, "I saw this cafe on the internet, and I came today to celebrate my dog's birthday. I was looking for such a place for so long. Bark street cafe is a pit stop destination for me and my dog. Here I can chill and allow my pet to have a good time too".