7 tips for a safe and healthy Diwali celebration
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7 tips for a safe and healthy Diwali celebration

The elderly should stay inside during the time of Diwali because of pollution and changing weather

7 tips for a safe and healthy Diwali celebration

Diwali is just a few days away and preparations for this big occasion have already kickstarted. Diwali is the time to have delicious food and sweets, spending time with friends and family, shopping, dressing up, and clicking lots of pictures to rock our social media handles. However, it's equally necessary to enjoy this festival of lights, without ignoring your health in any way. Happy times and good health go hand in hand, therefore even during the festive season, yours and your family's health should always come first.

We have compiled a list of some tips which you can follow to enjoy a safe Diwali -

Elderly to stay indoors

The elderly should stay inside during the time of Diwali because of pollution and changing weather conditions. The pollution level suddenly increases when Diwali approaches and this affects the health of many people. Especially children and elders should avoid going out to protect themselves from these problems. People with the health conditions of asthma, heart patients, hypertension, and others should stay inside.

Avoid bursting crackers

This Diwali, say no to firecrackers. But if you are someone whole loves crackers and your children want to burn some then use green crackers instead of ordinary ones. Regular crackers pollute the environment and harm the environment and the health of the people. Green crackers are not that harmful to the environment and you, but try to celebrate crackers-free Diwali.

Don't use sanitiser before lighting diyas

Sanitiser bottles are very common in houses and some people develop a habit to keep it with them for cleaning their hands. However, most sanitisers contain alcohol, they can catch fire easily. So, keep your sanitiser bottles away from you while lighting diyas and candles or burning green crackers.

DIY home decor

Choose environment-friendly products such as clay lamps, diyas, and organic rangoli colours rather than purchasing anything made of plastic. These are not only better for our environment but also a good way to contribute to the well-being of your family. It will be fun too to make things to decorate your home by yourself.

Cook sweets at home and balance your meal

This Diwali, instead of buying ready-made sweets that are loaded with sugar and calories, make sweets at your home. So, google some easy and tasty sweet recipes for Diwali sweets and get at it. This could also be a fun family activity.

Take extra care of pets

You need to pay extra attention if you own pets. They face many problems because of noise pollution and pollution. Keep your dogs secure and indoors at home also makes sure they stay in a room where there is less noise pollution.

Go on a digital detox

Holidays and festivals are excellent times to do a digital detox. You can easily choose not to use your phones and laptops since there is no work from home or online meetings. Choose to spend time with your family and friends and try to stay away from your phone and other gadgets.