Unique ideas to make your office Diwali party a hit!
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Unique ideas to make your office Diwali party a hit!

Diwali is here, and the right time to plan your Diwali Celebration is NOW

Unique ideas to make your office Diwali party a hit!

There are very few occasions, festivals or topics that appeal to all your employees alike. Diwali is one such festival which every employee looks forward to! Be it the bonus, traditional dress-up, diyas and candle art, Rangoli making, buffet spread of sweets or the high-on-energy activities – the positive vibes of Diwali celebration can put a smile on everyone’s face.

How about making this Diwali celebration interesting? Follow these easy and simple ways to make your office Diwali party a fun celebration:

Organise fun contests

What can be more fun than an exciting contest on Diwali

You can have a fortune cookie-related session for all the employees. If not fortune cookies, use pistachio. Make it even more fun by giving them a task to do in it like speak something about their favourite colleague. Organise a Diwali related quiz. There can be thali decorating, Diya making, rangoli competition, and bay decorations also. Lantern making can also be fun.

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Find volunteers for office decoration

Decorate your office spaces together

Office decoration with the entire team can be a unique way to bring everyone together. Flowers and organic colours and other handicrafts and traditionally printed clothes can be used for the decoration. Lights and candles can be lit to engage in the festive vibe. Doing decoration is an activity that requires a bunch of people. So, this reinforces coordination within the team.

Diwali Puja at Office

Feel the festivities by a prayer together

A small and happening Diwali Puja/Pooja at the centre would definitely energise you in the middle of boring work during Diwali days. Solemnize the six-day festivities by following proper traditional rituals with utter devotion and euphoria to skip the homesickness.

Diwali Office corner Decoration Contest

Diwali office bay decoration

Diwali office bay decoration themes nowadays are in trend throughout the course of Diwali and everyone wants his/her bay to look more attractive than their next sitting co-workers. They hit hard and work a lot by decorating their respective corners in the most trending styles. Employees can even spare a place in their desk’s corner and make a theme-based Rangoli.

Perfect Potluck Party at Lunch

A sumptuous pot luck can be the best idea

Host a holly jolly food party or potluck supper together for a perfect party. Organise a small snacks party at Lunchtime by keeping things simple and asking everyone to bring some homemade cuisines at work along with them. Relaxing with hand-cooked foods at the office cafeteria would be a hit for sure.

Exchange Gifts and Show Gratitude

Engage in sweet gifts to fellow work mates

Diwali is all about food, crackers and exchanging gifts with your loved ones. So why not make your co-workers, colleagues and managers contented and happy by giving gifts on this auspicious occasion at the office? It is a chance to make this Diwali wonderful and memorable for everybody around through gratitude and gestures.

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