Lotus Boulevard- Residents take out candle march for toddler
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Lotus Boulevard- Residents take out candle march for toddler

The society has cancelled its Diwali celebration this year.

Lotus Boulevard- Residents take out candle march for toddler

Noida: There is an atmosphere of anger and remorse in sector 100's Lotus Boulevard society after the brutal attack on a 7-month-old toddler by stray dogs, leading to his death. Hundreds of residents of sector 100's Lotus Boulevard society took out a candle march for the deceased child on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. The society members have also decided to cancel their Diwali celebrations this year.

The tragic incident took place on Monday evening, October 17, 2022. The child's parents were engaged in labour work when stray dogs attacked the toddler. After the incident, the toddler was rushed to a private hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

Angry residents of the society say that they would not remain silent until the dogs are completely removed and the residents can be fear free from dog terror. Along with youngsters, old age people also participated in the candle march. Slogans demanding justice for dog terror were raised during the march.

The residents had also staged a protest on October 17 demanding answers from Noida Authority on safety measures against violent canine attacks. Thereafter, the OSD of Noida Authority, Indu Prakash, and the Assistant Commissioner of police (ACP-1, Noida), Rajneesh Verma, along with their team, visited the society to assure the residents regarding their safety.

CitySpidey talked to some residents to gather their views-

Rajshree, a resident of the society says, "We are protesting against a heinous attack, which happened by accident. However, it could have been avoided if a few parties had been more responsible. Through our candle march, we hope that nothing like this ever happens to any mother or any person again."

Manish Gautam, another resident of the society says, "It is a heartbreaking incident. We have carried out this candle march for the child. Society has also cancelled the Diwali celebration for the same. Moreover, we are also collecting funds to support the family of the toddler."