Easy makeup ideas for Halloween party
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Easy makeup ideas for Halloween party

The best part about Halloween has to be the candies, costumes, and of course the makeup

Easy makeup ideas for Halloween party

Halloween is right here and if you are a fan of this spooky day, look no further. The world of candles, scary lights, jack o’lantern are back, vampires and witches are back. If you want to recreate a look for fun or some amazing pictures for your social media or help your kids dress up for Halloween, don’t miss out on these spine-chilling makeup looks.

Devil makeup

Want to be a devil? Here is your cue. We love the transition and the makeshift horns are to die for! You cannot miss out on this look! If you don’t have a face painting kit to recreate the devil look, go wild and use your acrylic colours, but make sure you wash them off within a  few hours and follow it up with your skincare.

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Skeleton makeup

The best part of this Halloween makeup look is that it pairs well with literally any eye makeup you want to wear whether that's a natural look or a soft-glam look or, as seen here, a fully blacked-out eye look. As long as you've got some black liquid liner to draw across your mouth and some dark eyeshadows to shade your cheeks, you're all set.

Maleficent makeup

Who doesn’t appreciate this iconic character played by Angelina Jolie! Maleficent’s cheekbones, though!! For this look, you’re gonna need all your contour kits and finally learn how to contour so you can sculpt some chiselled features worthy of the evil fairy.

Suicide Squad Joker makeup

Was the Joker from Suicide Squad the best Joker? Arguably, no, but the smokey eye, face tattoo, and overdrawn lips make for an amazing (and surprisingly easy) Halloween makeup idea. To sell it though,  grab some bright green temporary hair dye, too.

Wednesday Addams makeup

Once again, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to get creative with all those colours and nail art you have been collecting over the years. Nevertheless, if you don't feel like spending too much time on nails, black or white should do the trick.