Upcoming K-Dramas to watch out for this November!
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Upcoming K-Dramas to watch out for this November!

From romcom to thriller Kdramas, November is sure to be binge-worthy

Upcoming K-Dramas to watch out for this November!

As 2022 draws to a close, we can't help but look back on what a great year it has been for Korean movies and television shows. We have binge-watched K-dramas all year, confirming that the Hallyu craze is here to stay while we still ride the wave. From twenty-five twenty-one to a revolutionary drama Attorney woo, Korea has given us relevant entertainment.

If you like these shows, November appears to be just as enjoyable, with new K-dramas coming out this month. So put your feet up, cuddle with some hot chocolate, and make this November one to remember.

Here are some of the most anticipated K-dramas that are set to release this November-

The Fabulous

This drama tells the tale of two people who have dedicated their lives to the fashion industry but struggle to survive there. Their passion is far from their occupation. Now, how will they alter their lives to achieve where they want to be? Chae Soo Bin, Choi Min Ho, Lee Sang Woon, Park Hee Jung, and Kim Min Kyu are the cast members of the Kim Jung-Hyun-directed program.
Release Date: 4 November

Please Send a Fan Letter

A single father replies to his daughter's fan letter in the name of her favourite Hallyu goddess, which is sure to cause a mess, unlike anything you've ever seen in a romantic comedy-drama. The Hallyu star encounters difficulties as he seeks to grant his daughter's final desire because she battled Leukaemia.
Release Date: 26 November


Somebody is a dating app developed by Som (Kang), a software developer. Everything appears to go according to plan until she becomes involved in a homicide case because the police believe the app is connected to a serial murderer. With Kim as Sung Yun Oh, a famous drama series star, the series, based on the Hollywood classic American Psycho (2000), is eagerly anticipated.
Release Date: 18 November

Revenge of Others

Ok Chan-mi (Shin), a young woman, mysteriously loses her twin brother at his high school. She enrols herself in her brother's school and tracks down the person responsible for his passing.
Release Date: 9 November

Call My Agent!

The obstacles that Method Entertainment, a talent management organization, and its employers endure are central to the storyline. General Director Ma Tae Oh (Lee), renowned for his strategic abilities, aspires to succeed, but Cheon Je (Kwak), a fiercely competitive manager, stands in his way. Fanny Herrero originally produced the program in French.
Release Date: 16 November

The First Responders

The show features a joint log between police and fire departments who work together to combat crime and respond to emergencies and disasters. Will they be able to do that? The chemistry between the leads, a detective played by Jin Ho-Gae (Kim), a paramedic played by Song Seol (Gong), and a muscular firefighter played by Bong Do-jin attracted the eye of K-drama fans in the teaser (Son).
Release Date: 12 November

Reborn Rich

The Chebal family employs Yoon Hyun Woo (Song) as a personal secretary. She is devoted to them and gives her everything until she is murdered in a frame-up by members of the same family. She has been reborn as the family's youngest son, Jin Do Joon (Song), and she intends to get revenge for the wrongs done to her. Psycho thriller fans, watch out.
Release Date: 18 November