7 ways to protect your eyes from air pollution
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7 ways to protect your eyes from air pollution

Daily exposure to air pollutants can cause eye dryness, redness, and inflammation in the eyes

7 ways to protect your eyes from air pollution

Air quality in Delhi-NCR has worsened post-Diwali and Chhath Puja. Several locations along the capital have recorded severe AQI levels. One may find it shocking to realise the extent of pollutants in the air we breathe. The majority of the time, we believe that these pollutants are bad for our skin, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. However, the pollution that surrounds us can also harm our eyes.

Contact with these pollutants daily and in excess may cause eye issues such as dryness, redness, and inflammation. Amidst this, it is imperative to protect one's eyes from the polluted air. Here are some tips to protect your eyes:

Use shades while out

The pandemic has brought us into the habit of wearing masks. However, with severe air quality, there is an additional need to cover our eyes too. We must always wear sunglasses or eye protection when outdoors. As the face masks protect our lungs from inhaling pollution, the glasses or shades will help protect our eyes.

Use eye drops at doctor's consultation

Our cornea can be protected from dryness, itching, pathogenic bacteria, and hazardous pollutants by a layer of moisture. Using eye drops regularly aids in maintaining the health of your eyes. However, it is very important to consult an eye specialist before using any eye drops to know which is more suitable for your eyes.

Avoid rubbing your eyes

Pollution particles irritate the eyes when exposed to them. However, under the impact of that sensation, we must never rub our eyes. Rubbing can increase discomfort and make your eyes feel burning or watery. Also, if you want to clean your eyes, wash your hands or use a clean tissue or cloth.

Use cold compressors

The use of cooling compressors helps reduce the irritation that causes in the eyes because of air pollution. When you need to get rid of the itching and inflammation of the eye, try a cool compressor such as a clean cloth soaked in cold water. You can also use ice cubes that have been wrapped in a clean cloth. Applying the cubes to your eyes can do wonders for relieving eye irritation.

Eye check-up is a must!

Never ignore an eye issue, especially when the air quality is severe. To keep your eyes healthy, you must go for regular eye checkups. Also, you should take immediate medical help from an eye specialist if the dryness or irritation in your eyes stays for a long period.

Stay Indoors

People who are allergic to dust, asthmatic, or heart patients, or who deal with serious medical issues should stay indoors amidst poor AQI levels.
Practically, it is not possible to stay indoors because we all have to fulfil our professional and personal responsibilities and we cannot just avoid stepping out. But, on days when the air quality is very bad or a public health alert is issued, try to stay indoors or opt for work from home.

Air Filter

If you are indoors still you are not fully protected from the effects of pollution. To lessen the effects, install an air filter or air purifier in your home. Also, try to install an air filter in your car and keep your car windows closed while driving.