Schools shut in Noida and GreNo due to pollution, residents respond
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Schools shut in Noida and GreNo due to pollution, residents respond

"It's a good thing that the school decided to close temporarily"

Schools shut in Noida and GreNo due to pollution, residents respond

Noida: Air Quality is getting worse with each passing day in the Delhi NCR region. With an AQI above 400, the air quality in Noida is in 'severe' quality. Keeping this in view, the Gautam Buddh Nagar's District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) Dharmveer Singh, ordered the schools of Noida and Greater Noida to keep the schools closed for Classes 1-8 till November 8, Tuesday, and also asked to hold classes for students of Class 9 to 12 online if possible.

This order came as a precautionary measure for the deteriorating air quality in Noida and Greater Noida after Diwali. The Gautam Buddh Nagar's District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) Dharmveer Singh also ordered to avoid any kind of outdoor activities like games and curricular activities until further notice as the AQI level crossed the 450 mark.

After this, CitySpidey talked with a few residents to understand how they feel about the decision and about the worsening air pollution.

Shipra Gupta, a resident from Samriddhi Grand Avenue, Greater Noida and a parent says, "The level of pollution is considered severe when the AQI exceeds 400. The air we are breathing right now is extremely hazardous, making it difficult to send children to school. The DM and the schools made a wise choice. These young children require protection from contaminated air. Even though the schools are closed,  government is doing nothing to control pollution. Our children are the nation's future, so we must prioritize their health and take steps to improve the air if we don't want things to get worse in the future."

Shipra Gupta

Brajesh Sharma, a resident of Antriksh Golf View, Sector-79 says, "In the age of digital communication, a city like Noida has a pathetic real-life scenario in which all school orders, whether private or public, are completely ignored. And the administration has remained silent on the subject. I hope the administration does not play with parents, children, and health by issuing such orders late at night and with no one knowing about it."

Brajesh Sharma

Another parent from Samriddhi Grand Avenue, Manisha Singh, says, "It's a good thing that the school decided to close temporarily. However, the government should take measures to determine how long we will refrain from going from home. We need to leave for work or any other household task."

Manisha Singh

Ashish Mittal, a parent from Sector-51, Noida says, "There are no points in closing schools. Earlier also, schools were closed due to rains. For the past 2 years, children haven't gone to school and now the government decides to close the school. What will children learn without going to school?"

Ashish Mittal

He also says, "As far as AQI is concerned, children are breathing at home also and so at school. That will not resolve the issue. It's not a matter of 1 or 2 days. Schools are closed until further notice. Moreover, schools are closed for classes till Class 8. Even if we consider the severity of AQI, does it not affect children of classes from 9 to 12? Why can't the government do a 100% lockdown as earlier for at least one day to have this controlled? Why can't they close offices and factories?"

Rajeev Sharma, President of RWA, Sector-62, Rajat Vihar C Block says, "This happens every year, people suffer, diseases increase and governments blame each other. Can there be no means to stop this pollution in today's modern era? Or will it continue to play with the future of the children?"

Rajeev Sharma

Sanjeev Kumar, President of RWA Sector-51, says, "Is there anything new which the government or authority is doing? The pollution is increasing every year. Just asking children to stay at home is not going to solve the bigger issue."

Sanjeev Kumar