Delhi: Primary schools to reopen from November 9
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Delhi: Primary schools to reopen from November 9

“The level of AQI has been steadily dropping for the past two days"

Delhi: Primary schools to reopen from November 9

Delhi: Primary schools in Delhi will reopen from November 9, 2022. The ban on school outdoor activities has also been lifted, said Gopal Rai, Environment Minister of Delhi on Monday in a press conference. He informed that the pollution level in Delhi is falling. He said that the curbs imposed by the government are being lifted in accordance with the GRAP. "GRAP Phase-III restrictions will continue to be imposed. Delhi Government offices will open with full capacity. Ban on private construction and demolition work will continue in Delhi. Ban on trucks coming to Delhi is lifted. Water sprinkling will be done on roads," informed Gopal Rai.

Addressing  press conference at the Delhi Secretariat, Gopal Rai also said, “The level of AQI has been steadily dropping for the past two days, and yesterday it was recorded at 350. The wind has changed direction, risen in speed, and there have been fewer instances of stubble burning. As a result, the CAQM has issued an order to withdraw the GRAP Phase IV order. The primary schools will reopen on November 9 and outdoor activities are once again permitted within the school. The ban on vehicles entering Delhi has now been lifted, and Delhi's government offices can now open to their full capacity. However, the restrictions imposed under GRAP phase-III and the ban on private construction and demolition operations will remain in place.”

According to the guidelines of CAQM, the restriction on Phase IV of GRAP was implemented in Delhi two days ago as a result of the AQI level in Delhi and the NCR crossing 450. Under this ban, all trucks entering Delhi, aside from those tied to essential services in Delhi, were prohibited. Instead, only CNG and electric trucks were permitted to enter Delhi, schools were closed for the primary sections, and outdoor activities were prohibited for courses above that. A 50% reduction in office attendance was also mandated, and the remaining 50% of employees were told to work fewer hours from home.

Rai said that the  restrictions that were in place during the third phase of GRAP would still be in effect. Private construction and demolition would also be prohibited inside Delhi, with the exception of projects relating to the railway, metro, airport bus terminal, national security, defence, hospitals, and other facilities of national importance. “500 brand-new environmental buses have been ordered to be operated. During this time our emphasis will be on mechanical road sweeping and water spraying in Delhi. The fire brigade vehicles will continue to be used for water sprinkling at hot spots. It will be our endeavour that the pollution level which is decreasing in Delhi continues,” added Rai.