Pre-wedding skincare regimen advice for the brides-to-be
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Pre-wedding skincare regimen advice for the brides-to-be

It's time to dig out all the recipes of homemade face masks that your granny used to make

Pre-wedding skincare regimen advice for the brides-to-be

The majority of brides depend on their make up artists to assist them to achieve a dazzling appearance for wedding functions. However, there are a few techniques and tactics that you may use to have a wedding glow even before an MUA comes into picture. It contains no makeup or cosmetics. This natural regimen will ensure that your skin is naturally glowing. Therefore, if you're about to get married this season, waste no time and begin this routine immediately. You will notice a difference if you begin using this skincare routine consistently. It's time to clear and nourish your skin.

Here are some tips for the bride-to-be:

Rule of the CTM on the go

The word CTM refers to the steps of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. It is of the utmost significance to thoroughly clean the face regularly. Before retiring for the night, always wash your face with a cleanser that is formulated for your particular skin type, then apply a toner and a moisturizer.

Enjoy the benefits of exfoliation

Your skin will be exfoliated and the coating of dead skin will be removed when you use a scrub. Not only will it get rid of blackheads, but it will also restore your skin's natural radiance. Cleaning the face consistently should become a habit that you form.


It is essential to take care of your skin and give it proper nourishment. Therefore, you should immediately begin having appointments with your 'parlor wali aunty'. Look to see if they are utilizing high-quality products. Your skin will be free of spots and imperfections after a facial treatment.

Homemade face packs

It's time to dig out all the recipes of homemade face masks that your granny used to make. Make face masks that are specific to your particular skin type. Make it a habit to perform the process every day, and don't put off putting on the masks until the very last minute.

For your lips, some rose water

When it comes to wedding attire, numerous lipstick colors are required. Protecting your lips from further drying out is therefore of the utmost importance. Always remember to have a tube of lip balm with you. And make sure to apply rose water to your lips every single day! It will retain the natural pink color of your lips.

Eat a balanced diet

This is the one that we like best. We would all like to look our best on the big day, but it does not imply that we should starve ourselves. You truly are what you consume. Therefore, make sure that your diet plan consists of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, almonds, and dark chocolate. Maintaining proper hydration of the body requires copious amounts of water intake.

Keep you calm 

It can be a highly difficult experience to be the bride and to organize a wedding. However, it is of the utmost significance to keep stress at bay and take pleasure in every celebration. Maintain mental calm and give meditation a go whenever you feel the need to.