GreNo West: No electricity in Victory One Amara for five days, residents furious
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GreNo West: No electricity in Victory One Amara for five days, residents furious

NPCL cut the power due to withstanding payment of rupees nine lakhs

GreNo West: No electricity in Victory One Amara for five days, residents furious

GreNo West: The residents of Victory One Amara Housing Society in Sector 16B, Greater Noida West are riled over power cut in their society. Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL) has cut off the electricity of the society on November 30, 2022 as the builder allegedly didn't pay the outstanding bill of about rupees nine lakhs. The residents allege that the builder hasn't paid the bill till now and neither has he participated in any discussion with the power company and thus, electricity hasn't been restored in the society.

Residents allege that due to power cut, approximately 200 families of Victory One Amara are facing many problems. The automated gates of the parking are not working, common areas of the society are dark after sunset, overhead tanks are not filled, water filters aren't working in residents' homes, residents are unable to wash their clothes and cook proper meals.

The residents say that because of no electricity, the senior citizens and children are the worst sufferers. Because the lift in the society is not working, it is difficult for senior citizens to use stairs to climb up or down numerous floors. The residents also say that whenever they approach the maintenance office, they receive the response that all the residents need to clear the due maintenance, then only electricity will be restored. However, some residents complain that they have already paid their maintenance charges in advance and because of those residents who haven't cleared their dues, everyone is suffering. The residents who have not paid their maintenance charges, on the other hand, say that the builder hasn't provided them with good services.

Residents allege that the builder did not even provide power backup citing that there was no diesel in the DG set in the society. They says that water stock has also reached the verge of exhaustion.

Prashant Jha, a resident of the society says, "200 families live in this society. All the residents are paying the maintenance charges on time. The residents are also paying the electricity bill every month, but the builder has not submitted the bill to the electricity company."

Ravinesh Kumar, another resident of Victory One Amara says, "On Wednesday morning, November 30, 32022, at around 11 am, NPCL cut off the electricity of our society. We kept waiting for the power to come back but it didn't. It is awful to see that the builder knew the reason but he did not tell us that the power has been cut by NPCL. We asked to start DG but the builder said that there is no diesel in DG sets. After it was very late, he informed us that the power has been cut by the NPCL and services will be restored when all the residents will pay the maintenance charge of 9 lakh rupees.

Prof. Yusuf Jamal, another resident of the society says, "I am suffering from post Covid lung fibrosis and lung damage. The lifts are not working so I had to climb to the eight floor by stairs which made my condition worse with severe breathlessness as there is no electricity in society."

To understand the issue more closely, we contacted Anuj Rajput, Facility Head of Victory One Amara. He says, "The electricity company has an outstanding bill of about rupees 9 lakh. Residents are not depositing the facility charges. The electricity was cut late on November 29, 2022, Tuesday at around midnight. The facility provided backup till around 11 am on November 30, 2022, Wednesday but could not get back up more as the diesel ran out. The monthly expenditure for providing all the facilities in the society is more than 12 lakh rupees. The residents have not paid any facility charges since March. Many residents have not even installed electricity meters in their homes."