Agonizing wait for a govt multi-speciality hospital in GreNo West continues
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Agonizing wait for a govt multi-speciality hospital in GreNo West continues

There is only Bisrakh health centre in the name of government health services

Agonizing wait for a govt multi-speciality hospital in GreNo West continues

Noida: Peeved by the lack of basic medical facilities at the Community Health Centre in Bisrakh, people of the area are demanding to build a government multi-speciality hospital in Greater Noida West.

On 25th February this year, the CEO of the Greater Noida Authority had presented a proposal for a Multispeciality Satellite Hospital of the Government Institute of Medical Sciences, but there has been no headway in the matter as yet.

With the increasing population in Greater Noida West, Bisrakh PHC (Primary Health Centre) was converted into CHC (Community Health Centre) in 2019 for the people of the area. However, residents complain that the community health centre lacks basic medical facilities like X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG etc.

Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President of NEFOWA said, “This is not acceptable. Patients do not even have basic facilities in Bisrakh CHC. It’s been about four years since this centre was made a community health centre from a public health centre. No facilities have been added.”

Manish Kumar
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He further said, “Many societies are expected to come up in Greater Noida West. There is only Bisrakh health centre in the name of government health services. We need the multi-speciality hospital urgently.”

Residents claim that CHC Bisrakh is short of staff. There are no multi-speciality doctors for the treatment. Patients have to go to the district hospital in Sector 39 or GIMS (Government Institute of Medical Sciences) for X-ray, Ultrasound, and ECG.

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Shweta Bharti, a resident of Greater Noida says, “Bisrakh CHC does not have an X-ray and Ultrasound machine which is creating difficulties for the patients. It is very hard for pregnant women because there’s no ultrasound machine and they are suggested to go to other hospitals. Mostly middle-class families live near Bisrakh and they could not afford the fees of any private hospital.”

Sachindra Mishra, medical superintendent, CHC Bisrakh said, “FRU (First Referral Units) is not granted to CHC. Once we get this, we will be able to do the cesarean operation and normal delivery. We do not have a radiologist. MBBS and gynaecologists are also there, and an Ayurved doctor too sits there. We cannot take money from the patient. After FRU, we will be able to do cesarean too.”

“There are all facilities at the CHC level. We refer patients for the treatment to the district hospital. This is a CHC-level hospital and it is functioning well with adequate facilities. Deliberations are on with the government for the FRU. After FRU, we will get more manpower (of Paediatricians, Radiologists etc),” he added.

On 16 February 2022, Manish Kumar also filed a complaint at Jan Sunwai Kendra regarding the lack of basic facilities in CHC. The NEFOWA got a response from the medical officer on June 31. The letter reads, “There is a health centre in Bisrakh, Greater Noida West with a capacity of 30 beds which is available for 24 hours. For a multi-speciality hospital, you can approach the government.”

On June 21, the NEFOWA had written a letter to the District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar with a request to set up a government multi-speciality hospital in the area.

Residents had a sigh of relief, though for the time being, after seeing that GNIDA CEO has proposed to open a multi-speciality satellite hospital of GIMS on February 25th, 2022. But still, there’s no headway in the matter.

It’s been almost 10 months now and there’s no solution in singh, residents are a furious lot. They are asking authorities to set up the proposed Satellite Multispeciality Hospital as soon as possible.

When CitySpidey tried to contact Ritu Maheshwari, CEO, Noida Authority, she was no available for the comment as she was busy in Jan Sunvai.