X’mas: Festive mood sweeps Noida marts
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X’mas: Festive mood sweeps Noida marts

Decorated shops are flooded with lucrative items, cafes are also creating a great appeal

X’mas: Festive mood sweeps Noida marts

Noida: Christmas is round the corner and amid a spurt in global Covid-19 cases, the festive mood at Noida markets has been at its zenith. That ‘nothing can dampen the festive spirit’ is quite evident here. Decorated shops are flooded with lucrative items. Even cafes are witnessing a huge crowd, allaying the apprehensions of corona virus.

The mood in markets is cheerful. The decorations of cafes, shops, and streets speak volume – it’s time to soak in Christmas festivity. The markets of Noida are welcoming the buyers and attracting them in great way. In the shops, the collections of varied items arrived last week and the sellers can be seen as happier than ever before. They have decorated their shops and are in high spirits while selling and showing the items.

Sajid, a shopkeeper at the Brahmaputra market, Sector 29, was seen happy and very busy. When asked about the stock he says, “It is all here, the stock is not new but these mask-free smiles and the joy in the hearts of the buyers is very new. It's been so long since everyone was waiting for the Covid free celebrations. Christmas Garland, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Candles, Ornaments, Holiday Gnomes, Christmas Swags, and Santa Claus Figures are the items which are mostly sought for.

Seema Singh, a Golfer by profession, was purchasing the Christmas props with great zeal. She says, “We golfers are planning Christmas party, for that I am looking for perfect stuff. And this time quite different stuff can be seen.”

Kavita, a shopkeeper at the Kavita Stationers, Brahmaputra market, Sector 29, expressed her happiness by saying, “We feel happy when we see the happiness on the faces of our customers. There is no joy than being so busy selling. This is the real joy of our festivity.”

She continues, “Recently, during the encroachment drive all shops were removed. We have placed a small stall. The stock is sufficient. Santa Claus dresses are the all-time favourite for small babies and toddlers and the hairbands of reindeer are also catching attention.”

Ajay Kumar, Owner of Iconic Toy Gallery in Sector 121, says, “The Star, Christmas Trees, wreath, candy canes, poinsettias, doves, lights, candles, angels, stockings, presents, snowflakes are the things which represent Christmas. We have specially ordered for the laughing Santa Claus, dancing Santa Claus, crowns, bells, white moustaches, sparkle balls, snowballs, socks where parents can purchase a gift for their kids to make them happy, Santa teddy bear, snow globe, lights and many more.”

The nurseries are also filled with Christmas trees. We reached the Amit Nursery. Amit says, “There is a good sale this time. We are selling small and big Christmas trees. People are coming and also giving orders on phone. The big Christmas tree is for Rs 1250 and the small one is for Rs 850.”

The restaurants are also creating a great appeal. The reader's cafe in Noida is decorated in white and red with all the Christmas props. Anuj Yadav, owner of The Readers Cafe says, “This time it is different. There are readers from all the nooks and we want to make their reading time merrier, so we have decorated this cafe with more coziness and love. And we will cut special plum cake on the Christmas day”. The festivity is same for the road side vendors too.