Travelling essentials for solo female travelers
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Travelling essentials for solo female travelers

Wearing different shoes makes it easier to get around on different surfaces.

Travelling essentials for solo female travelers

While travelling, there are a lot of things that one needs to take care of. Especially while travelling alone, you need to be more responsible. While preparing to travel alone, it is important that you carry some essentials to make your trip easier. If you're a solo female traveler, there are somethings you just cannot do without. Here are a few such things-

Pepper Spray

You should always carry a pepper spray just to be safe. It is an easy yet effective tool for self defense in case things go south. Here's to hoping that you never have to use this.

Dry shampoo

Talking to a woman will show you how much they hate having sticky hair. You can't shampoo your hair as frequently as you'd like when you're traveling. This is why there is dry shampoo, so you never have to be without it. It saves the day when your hair doesn't look good.

Different kinds of shoes

Wearing different shoes makes it easier to get around on different surfaces. After a long day of hiking or walking, there's nothing better than taking off your hiking boots and putting on sandals or flip-flops instead.

Power Bank

Unless you take a lot of pictures and use Google map for directions, the battery capacity of your phone will go down. You won't know what to do without your phone. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you buy a small power bank with a lot of battery life.

Bring a lot of lingerie

One thing that you just can't compromise on is clean lingerie to wear everyday. It is not very easy to do laundry every single time while travelling. You can always repeat your clothes but when it comes to lingerie, there should be no compromises.

Menstrual Cup

Periods are unwelcome guests who don't care about your travel plans, so if you're on your periods or you might get your periods while travelling, it is important to stay prepared. Menstrual cups don't hurt the environment, are cheap and is simple to use once you know how. It also takes up less space in your bag and saves you from having to carry around sanitary pads.