Mompreneur: Breaking the monotony to make Christmas cakes
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Mompreneur: Breaking the monotony to make Christmas cakes

They’re making laddoos for clients to build their immunity and satisfy their sweet tooth

Mompreneur: Breaking the monotony to make Christmas cakes

Noida: If you’re a connoisseur of cakes, then it is undoubtedly a mouth-watering news for you. The mompreneurs of Noida are all set with their Christmas preparations. They are not only making traditional cakes, but are also making nutritious laddoos to satisfy their cravings and build immunity.

The Christmas cakes today are symbolized as a ritual of Christmas celebration, specifically, the act of sharing the cake with family or friends.

The mompreneurs – females who are mothers - are busy with the preparations for Christmas. On one hand, they are the mothers of cute kids, and on the other hand, they are the entrepreneurs who are catering to the needs to make the festivity memorable with their handcrafted delicacies.

CitySpidey sneaked and peeked into the kitchens of the mompreneurs to know what they’re making to make this Christmas more joyful and merrier.

Kavita Gupta, mother of Anushka and Kushagra and resident of 5th Avenue, Gaur City, explains the plum cake. She says, “Plum cakes are the oldest and the healthiest cakes yet. Their demand is maximum. Plum cakes come with rum and without rum.

She continues, “I use the rum-soaked dry fruits in my plum cakes. The more they are soaked, the more aged the soaked dry fruits are, and the more they taste better. I will be using year-old soaked dried fruits which were soaked for a week last year. This time also we are making plum cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread cookies, eggless rum cakes, plum cakes with rum etc.”

Priyanka Kanojiya, mother of Reyansh, a resident of Samridhhi Grand Avenue, Grenowest says, “I am making exclusive Christmas cakes like cakes in the design of snowmen, fleece, snowfall, reindeer, snowflakes etc. I mostly bake all of them which are traditional and most popular like the plum cakes in rum and without rum. Cakes are eggless and everyone can relish them. There are cupcakes and doughnuts too. Doughnuts require more effort, so I am planning to make them later, but yes if the order comes, I will make it.

Sulbha, a resident of Cherry County says, “I m avoiding making cookies just now. I am preparing plum cakes with and without rum just now. Priority is cakes, to avoid the haphazard, making cookies. Yes, if orders come, I will make them. There is less demand for cakes this time. Last time there was a covid haul, and markets were closed. But now as markets are open, people are getting cakes from shops which don’t give a guarantee of good quality ingredients.”

She continues, “Cupcakes are getting great attention because they are small and small babies love them.”

Prerana, a resident of Ajnara Daffodil, Sector 137 says, “We are making the traditional rum cake, plum cake, popsicle cakes which are alluring the kids and parents both. Also I’m making the fruit cakes as they are healthier and can be used for many days.

Anju, a resident of Aims Golf Avenue 2, Sector 75 says, “I am making Christmas special cakes like special Plum cake, carrot cake and other dry cakes. There is a good demand this time. I’m expecting more on the main day. I am prepared to deal with last-minute orders.”

Making Christmas cakes on Christmas week is the ritual in Christianity, but there is one mompreneur, who is breaking the monotony and making laddoos for their clients to build their immunity and satisfy their sweet tooth simultaneously.

Shipra Gupta, mother of Samridh and Meheransh, a resident of Samriddhi Grand Avenue, GrenoWest says, “I started this business last month only and this is the first festival after my launching. After thinking hard, I decided to use the bested quality dry fruits and seeds to make the laddoos. As there are weak immune systems nowadays, so this will be great if my handmade laddoos reach their hands.”

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She continues, “The ingredients are healthy like jaggery, sesame, dry fruits, gond, peanut butter, seeds etc. These laddoos are super healthy and also an immunity booster. These ingredients when combined, become super dose to build the immunity.”