How to dress stylishly in chilly weather
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How to dress stylishly in chilly weather

Merino and cashmere are excellent substitutes to layer up in winter

How to dress stylishly in chilly weather

Every year, as summer fades into fall, we get enthusiastic about updating our clothes. We adore the relaxed, breezy fashion that comes with warm weather, but the cool, clear fall air simply provides us with so many more options. However, as the seasons change and extra layers become necessary, we quickly run out of cute cold-weather attire.

Invest in wool

Wool’s ability to wick moisture away ensures that you stay warm and dry even after a long day outside. Merino and cashmere are excellent substitutes. Merino wool is exceptionally soft and warm, and because it is so thin, it fits well as a first layer. Cashmere is a luscious fabric that will keep you warm. It's an excellent choice for office-appropriate cardigans and cozy beanies.

A coat that stands out

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Every day, you should feel good in the winter coat you wear. Instead of the usual black, grey, or brown, you could try a brightly colored puffy down jacket or a stylish wool coat.

Add more stuff

Adding some flair to a plain winter coat is as simple as switching out the hat and gloves. A cashmere hat in a vibrant shade is a great way to inject some color into your winter ensemble. Wearing a hat is another easy way to keep your body warm.

Experiment with various textures

Fall and winter do not have to entail sacrificing your sense of style. Adding texture to an outfit is easy with ribbed or cable knit cardigans, faux fur coats, shearling jackets, leather leggings, and quilted puffer coats.

Change the focus to warmer-weather essentials

Layer your favorite slip dress over a turtleneck and complete the look with ankle boots for a lovely winter party outfit. You can wear a solid base layer under a flowing skirt or a sleeveless top.

Hold on to it tightly

Tight clothing may help keep you warmer in the wind. The visual contrast between slim-fit jeans and bulkier tops and shoes is superior, so choose those instead of flared jeans. Wearing a pair of fleece-lined tights or leggings under a skirt or dress can keep your legs warm and covered, and coats should be long.

Let yourself wear skirts with sweaters

Picture yourself in a thick cable-knit pullover and a knee-length pencil skirt. Alternatively, you can attempt the French tuck with a looser maxi or midi skirt and finish off the look with a belt that draws the eye.