Sushi at your doorstep! Yes, Noida residents never had it so good
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Sushi at your doorstep! Yes, Noida residents never had it so good

Why drive in the traffic when you can enjoy Japanese cuisine right in the comfort of your home!

Sushi at your doorstep! Yes, Noida residents never had it so good

Japanese cuisine has always been a little too beyond your nose for a whiff. Especially in Noida. Mostly available only in high-end five-star hotel restaurants or a few select stand-alone outlets, Noida residents actually have to make a "plan" before reaching out for sushi and the chopsticks.

But wait a minute! Aren't times changing? Yes, that's the succulent discovery I made recently. Now you no longer have to visit these fancy eateries to enjoy authentic Japanese delicacies. Courtesy of a new online outlet called Sushi Haus, Noida residents (and Gurgaon's too) can have Japanese food delivered right to their homes.

That's exactly what we did recently sitting in ATS Greens (Noida's Sector 50) the other night. We were starving, there was nothing cooked in the kitchen and we wanted something real quick. "Let's order Japanese," my friend suggested. "Don't joke," I said. "Sushi in Noida at your doorstep?"

That's when my friend went to a recently launched site called and there — a huge selection of Japanese dishes. Segregated into vegetarian, non-vegetarian, platter, sides and bento boxes, the site was easy to navigate. We chose maki, nigiri and sashimi, and prawn tempura.

Half-hour, we were informed, for delivery. Sure we could wait that long for sushi.



Indeed, 30 minutes later, the doorbell rang and we jumped up! Our man had arrived on a bike with an enormous bag. He proceeded to take out one neat packet after another. "Sorry buddy, we don't have cash to pay you tips," I told the guy. "No problem, he said, "You at least thought about it and that itself is a big thing," he said. It instantly filled us up with warm vibes.

We spread the boxes on the centre table and opened one after another, as if we were opening gift boxes from Santa. Chopsticks and wet tissues were also included in the box, each releasing its distinct aroma.

The ingredients used in the food seemed fresh and authentic. And the best part was, after all the eating, I didn't feel like a seal-on-the-sofa at all, which could well have been the case if we had Indian food. It also felt very healthy, with no extra oils and frying.

Interestingly, the promoters of this online-only venture has another portal called Asian Haus. That's for those who love Pan Asian. Ingredients, the site claims, are imported to ensure that the food retains its Asian authenticity. Besides, they use less artificial flavours, oils and sugars traditionally used in Asian cooking.

Foodies, on their part, are generous about their compliments for Sushi Haus. One reviewer on Zomato, Kate Morphett, writes (sic): "I am so glad we have Sushi Home delivery in Noida!!! Very Yummy!! I love all non-veg especially Salmon Sashimi and California Rolls. The shredded radish and carrots are so fresh and professional. All Signature Rolls are very tasty and special. Spicy Salmon Roll is nice, but the signature Red Dragon Roll is the best of the best."



Another one, Tania Kumar, writes: "I'm a big sushi fan and always had to step out for satiating my sushi craving. That was until I stumbled upon Sushi Haus and decided to take a chance and order in [I'm extremely fussy about my sushi] with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality."

The pricing is reasonable too - four pieces of tuna, wasabi comes for Rs 245; and so is salmon wasabi.

Interestingly, if you are throwing a party at home, both Sushi Haus and Asian Haus have introduced a new concept "Chef @Home” — yes, the chef would come to your house to cook delicious Japanese and Pan-Asian.

With Christmas parties being the flavour of the season, you should seriously keep a Japanese or Pan Asian menu. Not served often, the food will certainly leave your guests impressed.

Meanwhile, we finished our dinner, leaving us intensely satisfied. What could have been a usual boring weekday evening turned out to be an outstanding one. I only wished they would deliver sake as well.