Yoga postures for a healthy digestive system
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Yoga postures for a healthy digestive system

At regular intervals, our body needs detoxification and inner cleansing

Yoga postures for a healthy digestive system

With a semantic lifestyle, it is very common to have digestive issues. At regular intervals, our body needs detoxification and inner cleansing. Same goes for our digestive system. Some yoga poses support, stimulate, and clean the digestive system. Here are some such yoga poses for you:


Lay flat on your back. Lift your legs off the ground before slowly lifting your pelvis. With your palms, support your back. Align your shoulders, torso, pelvis, legs, and feet. Direct your attention to your feet


Sitting up straight with both legs extended, place your palms on the knees. The left leg should be folded and tucked inside the right thigh. The right leg should then be folded and tucked behind the left thigh.

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Legs outstretched in front of you while sitting upright. Bring your heels together and join your legs. Keep your back straight. Activate the muscles in your thighs, calves, and pelvis. Put your palms on the floor next to your hips to support your spine. Relax your shoulders as well.


Put your elbows down and clasp your hands together. On the floor, you must create a triangle with your palms and elbows. Put your palms in front of your head on the ground. The back of your head should be supported by your palms. Until your back straightens, move your toes in the direction of your head.


With your palms next to your body, lie on your back. Lift your legs and place them behind your head by pressing your palms firmly into the ground. If necessary, support the back with your palms. hold the position for some time.


Using only your hands for support, carefully raise your head and trunk while lying on your stomach. You should look up, slightly arch your neck back, and keep your arms at your sides. Make sure your navel is touching the ground.


The hands should be placed on the hips while kneeling on the yoga mat. Put your palms over your feet, straighten your arms, and arch your back. Keep your neck in a relaxed, neutral position. After exhaling, slowly reposition yourself to the starting position.


Kneel and rest your pelvis on your heels while keeping your heels slightly apart and your palms on your knees. Face forward and straighten your back.