Celebrate Lohri 2023 to the fullest
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Celebrate Lohri 2023 to the fullest

A bonfire is considered an auspicious and important part of Lohri celebration

Celebrate Lohri 2023 to the fullest

India is home to many different cultures and religions and that means, a lot of celebrations. One of the popular festivals especially in North India is Lohri, which is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti in January. The festival of Lohri, this year, is to be celebrated on Saturday, January 14, 2023 according to the Drik Panchang. The Lohri Sankranti tithi will be at 8:57 PM and the Brahma Muhurta will last from 5:27 to 6:21 am. This festival is celebrated for harvesting and praying for a good crop in the next season. It also marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter.

This auspicious festival is celebrated mostly in North India. Nowadays, the concept of celebration of Lohri is limited to dance, food and bonfire but many of us do not understand its real importance. This holy festival is more than just about enjoyment. It is about paying gratitude to the sun and fire god for the food. People gether after sunset and arrange auspicious bonfires in front of their houses. They revolve around the fire chanting their traditional songs and mantras. They fed the fire with the newly harvested crops that year. It is also linked with the winter solstice and marks the end of the winter season.

Different part of India celebrates Lohri in their way. In some parts, people buy new clothes on this day. Some see it as an ideal day to wear bright colours and do 'Bhangra'. People fly kites in some parts and some people love to decorate their houses on this day. Food donations are usual on this day. Here are 5 things you must do on Lohri 2023.

Special Winter food

The scrumptious feast is a must on this day. Prepare some winter special items like Sarson da saag and makke di roti, add jagery in the plate. You can also have a gajak made of 'tilli' sitting near the bonfire.

Get ready for the celebration

Getting ready for the celebration is mandatory because you cannot just show up in your tracksuit. Utilise the occasion and get ready for the festival. After getting ready, make sure that you celebrate the festival by dancing to the dhol beats and singing the traditional songs loudly.

Prepare for Bonfire

A bonfire is considered an auspicious and important part of Lohri celebration. People offer prays and first harvest to the fire god and seek blessings. Walking around the fire on Lohri is considered to bring prosperity by burning away the negativity from life. Prepare a big bonfire and invite your neighbours and relatives to be a part of the celebration.

Educate the young ones

We rarely see nowadays that young ones are educated about traditional believings. See this as an opportunity to educate your children about the importance of the festival and celebration.

Fly kite

In many parts of India, flying kites is a tradition on Lohri. It is a great sport. So just grab a kite and thread for your Lohri celebration. Invite your friends and give tough competition to your neighbours. If you don't know how to fly a kite, no problem, start learning today and it will become your hobby.